Petco does not sell Stella & Chewy’s Dog Food. The reason for this is not publicly stated, but there could be a number of factors that influenced Petco’s decision.

One possibility is that Petco already offers a wide range of pet food options and may not have seen a need to add Stella and Chewy’s to their inventory. Petco could also have a limited amount of shelf space and choose to prioritize products that they feel will sell better.

Another possibility is that Stella & chewy’s dog food may not have met Petco’s standards for quality and safety. Petco could have strict requirements for the pet food they sell, including sourcing, production processes, and ingredient lists. If Stella and Chewy’s did not meet these standards, Petco may have decided not to carry their products.

It’s also possible that Stella and Chewy’s and Petco couldn’t come to an agreement on terms for selling the pet food in Petco stores. This could include issues with pricing, marketing, and distribution.

In any case, the decision not to carry Stella and Chewy’s pet food does not necessarily reflect on the quality of their products. Stella and Chewy’s is a well-regarded brand in the pet food industry, and their products can still be purchased from other retailers.

In conclusion, there could be a variety of reasons why Petco does not sell Stella and Chewy’s pet food, including a wide range of options already available, quality and safety concerns, and issues with terms for selling the product in their stores. Regardless of the reason, pet owners can still purchase Stella and Chewy’s pet food from other retailers.