It is uncommon for travelers to need to accelerate their passport applications due to last-minute travel arrangements or a foreign trip that will arrive before they realize it. The price of rush services always rises, but they are rarely necessary. The procedure is very alike to the standard application process, which can take limited weeks to several months for renewing and obtaining a new passport swiftly. Unfortunately, during the pandemic, wait times for both ordinary and expedited passports were even less predictable, which might be unsettling for tourists.

There are also additional scenarios when you might urgently need a new passport. For instance, if your passport’s validity is less than six months, several countries won’t let you enter. It is advised to visit the State Department site or get in touch with your airline or travel agency before you go to each country’s passport and visa requirements.

The following information can help you obtain a passport as soon as possible.

How long will it take to obtain a passport in a urgency?

The processing timeframes for expedited new passport applications submitted directly to the State Department ranged from 5 – 7 weeks.

The State Department stated, “We are no longer utilizing door-to-door timelines to define ordinary and accelerated service. Not the day you mail your application in or apply for a passport at a nearby acceptance facility, “our processing timeframes begin the day we receive your application at a passport agency or center.”

The 12 -18 week projection the government had made for best expedited passport service early that has been reduced to 5 – 7 weeks. For a quicker turnaround, an expeditor like us, which has a limited number of seats for that quick service, can take six to seven working days for confirmed travel within two weeks. At the time of publication, the turnaround time for an expedited passport was 4 weeks.