And why businesses need to know about it?

Several small and large businesses have realized that outsourcing is the most efficient solution, following other providers, such as shopping sites. To meet the needs of your customers, outsourcing providers use advanced technologies that will not leave them hanging or unsatisfied. In the event that you do not provide your customers with prompt and personalized service, they will, of course, look elsewhere, and your business will lose the sale.

While we believe that purchasing from you should be an easy process, abandoning the checkout process should be a hassle. Enter here, live chat services. Live chat services have high functionality and they have become a must for eCommerce stores. In this article, we will present you with the top live chat outsourcing providers.

What is a Live Chat Provider?

With live chat, customers can talk to chat agents who are on hand to answer any questions they may have about the website as they browse. Live chats aim to increase customer satisfaction by attending to customers immediately and addressing all their questions. As a result, your website will be a means of mutual assistance every minute of the day or night.

Moreover, live chat allows for easy tracking, optimization, and the creation of reports, contributing to the optimization of your business and website.

Types of Live Chat Providers

There exist three types of live chat services involved: human live chat agents and artificial intelligence (AI), and the other option is a mixture of human agents combined with artificial intelligence.

How to Choose a Live Chat Service

Though live chat software can be quite helpful in increasing the effectiveness of your website, it can oftentimes be harmful to your business when not done correctly.

That is why below we will present you with some of the quickest tips on how to choose a live chat service and outsourced live chat agents:

  • Before engaging in live chat, customers should not be asked for any personal details.
  • Pure artificial intelligence should be avoided. It is better to use a combination of AI and human live chat agents.
  • Agents in your business’ industry should be trained, experienced and skilled.
  • Software should be created in accordance with your brand.
  • Live chat agents should be able to answer questions in any language. They must be able to write the offered languages properly, in a formal way.
  • Answers provided by agents must be accurate from the start.
  • You should use easy and understandable words in your writing.
  • You should take the success reports of outsourcing providers into account when choosing one. Added to that, they should also provide you with regular updates on how the work is coming along.Top Live Chat Outsourcing Providers

To help you with your choice we made a list of the top live chat outsourcing providers that offer you the highest quality service at economical prices.


Climbia is an Albanian live chat (but not only that- it is an omnichannel) agency that works internationally. With a staff of over 120 people all skilled in 5 languages (English, Albanian, German, French, and Italian), Climbia remains the main outsourcing company in Albania. Climbia provides you with support and dedicated business process outsourcing services. The company has been around for five years. It handles more than 1800 calls daily thanks to its forty agents online at any time of the day and week. If you are in search of a certified company that works partnered with names like Amazon, ServiceNow, Sodexo, AmCham, Enel, Zalando, Colliers, and many more, Climbia is the right answer for you.


HelpFlow has a 24/7 live chat that is focused purely on making your customers happy. Working with over 100 eCommerce stores HelpFlow is an outsourcing provider that is built specifically for eCommerce live chats. They integrate live chat throughout your website while also checking out abandonments or engagement with new buyers and customers. If you are looking for an outsourcing company that drives alterations along with a superior customer experience, HelpFlow is the right choice.


Created with the sole purpose of offering and providing Business Process Outsourcing services, INEL is a company full of qualified and skilled people. They use the most advanced technologies for their services. They offer real-time help in a variety of languages. When you need a company that knows how and why, INEL is the right choice.u.


Known as a company that transforms customer care and services, 2Cc is a company that includes professional staff that is dedicated, efficient, multilingual, and innovative. The team behind 2Cc is primarily focused on call centers and not live chats, but it gives you the chance to leave your clients satisfied and keep them around.


A tad more complicated than others, gives your clients solutions to their demands. When we say complicated it is because this outsourcing company requires the addition of Javascript to your website. isn’t a viable option for many people because it charges an additional fee for live chat services.


As the name implies, Live Chat Agent provides your business with live chat agents that engage with customers to give them real-time answers and solutions. They also provide you with tracked and measured reports using Google Analytics.


Supporting your business 24 hours a day via live chat, text messages, or even Facebook Messenger, Help Squad provides your customers with enhanced satisfaction, investments, and transactions. It is a beneficial option to consider if you are in search of an adaptive customer service agent solution.