Do you want to increase the conversion rate and customer engagement on your social media? Have you ever used animated videos on your social media? Today, most people use animated videos on their social media handles.

Customers also love to watch videos instead of reading, which causes a video craze in social media marketing. Along with a strong customer base, there are many benefits of using animated videos as an integral part of social media marketing.

We are the explainer mojo best company here for you to tell the reasons why animated videos are important for your social media marketing plan. Let us begin with all following reasons.


  1. Grab and holds the viewer’s attention.

Through animation, the viewer feels emotions and makes your content more attractive. In this way, the viewers of your videos will like to share them on other networking sites.

Animated videos also help you to stand out in your posts. If you create animated social media posts, the loyalty of your audience brand will increase and gain their attention.

  1. Make the complex information simpler.

Technical problems are sometimes the toughest problem for non-experts. To solve the problem, there is a need to have huge information. Visual content is simple to understand as the human brain absorbs visual details more quickly than text content.

If you bring animations into your content, you can easily execute complex subjects in a simple way. It is also easy for the viewer to understand the complex content in the form of animations.

  1. Shows the content economically  

They animated explainer video pricing than the live footage. The best thing is making animated videos for social media handle need less work to do.

It works like effective material that helps you to stand out in your products or services because of beautiful characters, compelling tales, and graphics that are delivered by animations. The best thing is that you can easily increase the conversion rate by 60% by using animated videos.

  1. Animated videos add fun and are easy to remember.

Animated videos get the user’s attention and a lot of love from your social media pages. The major reason why animated videos are used as an important part of social media marketing is that it is easy for viewers to remember the content of animated videos.

As the viewers easily understand and remember the animated videos, it leads to an increment in conversion rate. Such type of video content also creates fun for viewers. Moreover, you can also add visuals and graphics to your videos to make them more fun content in front of viewers.

  1. Videos make good memories.

Childhood memories are usually linked with a nice feeling and surrounding areas. This is the same way in which videos work for medial social marketing.

With a lot of animations, graphics, visuals, etc., available today through explainer video services, you can create good memories from it. The animated video is only able to set up in viewers’ minds once they see it. So, it is easy for them to create good memories in the long term by seeing animated videos.

  1. Increase the website traffic.

Today, people mostly use social media handles, like Facebook, Instagram, etc., to keep traffic current. Businesses also use the same social networks to improve customer engagement.

Animated social media videos can boost traffic, have major effects, and increase conversion rates. It is good to take the help of an explainer video company over text content if you want to change the viewers buying decision towards your products or service online.

  1. Compatible with mobile devices

The most popular, engaging, and easily accessed type of content with mobile devices are animated videos. It is easy to embed short and effective animated videos on any platform at less Animated explainer video pricing.

This type of material is created for mobile devices because of the high demand for social media marketing. Using animated videos not only gives creative content to users but also helps the viewers to take an interest in the content always.

  1. Reusability

Material reusability is another best feature of animated videos’ work on social media marketing. Videos provide better and more accurate data to viewers. In fact, the existing videos are also manipulated into animated videos and work effectively in social media marketing.

This way, it is easy to use the video’s content again to make it more engaging and interesting for viewers.


With the coming of digital techniques, companies hire professionals to increase promotional efforts. The number of explainer video services is important in reaching your content in billions.

To sum it up, using the animated video helps to gain the viewer’s attention by producing the content in an easy-to-remember, engaging, and more valuable way.