Are you looking to revamp your marketing strategy? One of the quick wins is incorporating QR codes advertising. Ideally, QR codes advertising refers to printing QR codes on your different in-hand advertising strategies. Therefore, when the target audience scans the QR code, they are directed to your landing page, or they can read your advert.

What is AR QR Code?

A QR code is a scannable image that your customers can read using their Smartphone cameras. QR codes comprise of a number of black squares and dots that represent certain information about a brand.

How can an AR QR code be used in advertising?

The idea of QR codes has been with us for as very long time. Businesses have used QR codes on different printed materials, helping them to achieve different objectives. For instance, stores print QR codes on direct mail or postcards, and send to their customers. That way, they are able to send shopping coupons, and attract their customers effectively. In addition, the QR codes can be used to share a link to your landing page, so that when customers scan, they are shown different products that you offer.

Why use QR codes in your marketing methods?

So, why use QR codes in your marketing methods? In this post, we will share some great ideas when it comes to enhancing the in-hand marketing campaigns, by a way of embracing QR codes. Keep reading to find out more.

1. Provide Consumers Lots of Information About Your Company

QR codes advertising gives a company an opportunity to share company details with their customers. Therefore, the advertiser ads the company details like physical location, operating hours, or even direct them too a website where they can find a lot of information they have been wanting to know.

2. Send Coupons To Customers

QR code advertising is a good technique of sending coupons to your customers. Therefore, when sending gift cards or seasonal greetings to your prospects, you could add a QR code with a redeemable coupon. When the prospect receives the greetings card, they can scan the QR code to see your advertisement as well as the coupon.

3. Effective Way to Track Campaigns

A top reason we are seeing QR codes advertising is because of the possibility to track the marketing campaigns. You can tell the number of people who see your advert by looking at the traffic generated through the QR code scans.

4. Can Be Used To Share Personalized Ads

QR codes advertising is a great way of sending personalized advertisements to your customers. Thus, when sending highly targeted ads, you could add the QR code with a personalized message to your customers.We have looked at top reasons to use QR codes advertising as a way of revamping your campaigns. Here are some great ways to utilize the QR codes advertising concept.

  1. Print QR code on the Door hangers: printing QR codes on the door hangers enables the advertisers to target residents of a particular area.
  2.  QR Code advertising on Bar Coasters: Bar coaster advertising is a concept where you place labeled bar coasters on the restaurant tables. Therefore, while customers sit down to enjoy a drink, the QR code will attract engagement.
  3. 3Printing QR Codes on Coffee Sleeves: When you print QR codes on the coffee sleeves, customers will be eager to find out the message.
  4. Pizza Boxes: Adding QR codes on the pizza tops enables you to track conversions, and even generate leads.
  5. QR Codes on Pharmacy Bags: Pharmacy bags present a great in-hand advertising method for businesses in the health sector. By printing a QR code on the pharmacy bags, the advertiser can track engagements.


QR codes advertising present a great opportunity for advertisers to target their customers. At Adzze, we provide the best ideas when it comes to QR codes in advertising Call us today!