Don’t miss the following details, if you are thinking of Buying Artificial Jewellery or gold jewellery, well any jewellery made from inexpensive metal or any cut or uncut gemstone is called imitation jewellery, and lots of people are choosing Jewellery like Kundan, Silver, Meenakari, etc because of the ever-increasing prices of gold and thus it is increasing the demand for alternate options proportionally. FYI, the Imitation Jewellery India market in the country has crossed the Rs. 20,000 crore market.

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Here we are discussing all the aspects and impacts of buying this jewellery or gold jewellery in the present dynamics.

Pros Of Buying Artificial Jewellery Over Gold Jewellery:-

On A Pocket-Friendly Budget, You Can Have Fashion Jewellery:-

  • The desire to look fabulous and different in every other function is prominent for almost everyone, and we can fulfill this by buying the pieces which are of the alternate material, costing way lesser than gold and diamond ones, but exactly mimic the appearance of finer pieces and sometimes may be better. Whereas in gold/Diamond or other precious gemstones you have to pay a huge price.

Easy To Keep Up With Fashion Trends With Customization:–

  • In the times of Instagram and Facebook, it is necessary to have your personal touch, and the option of imitation jewellery gives you the space to have Customized Imitation Jewellery. It allows you to find “the one” that checks all the boxes, which is unique and to be more creative, whereas, in gold jewellery, customization is quite not so easy or else, again you have to pay a huge amount as the making charges.
Beautiful Jewellery Customization

The Versatility Of Imitation Jewellery:-

Imitation jewellery is so versatile that it can be easily worn at any event or occasion and at any time. One can have jewellery matching their dresses. And you can buy as many sets as you can.

  • Kundan, Silver, Meenakari and Traditional Jewellery are popular because they match your fashion sense and occasion, but in gold, just buy a few pieces and you are bound to wear them forever.
  • Safety & Security:- It gives you a great sense of safety and security, if you ever got robbed while wearing artificial jewellery, you could be sure that you are not losing your significant amount of money or any asset.
  • Long Lasting:- Well obviously the gold and diamonds will last forever and you can pass them on to generations, but if you are considering a single person’s needs and desires, imitation jewellery also fulfills the purpose, it is made of copper/brass entirely covered with high gold polish, to add durability and long-lasting finish to them. If you buy them from a good and trusted manufacturer, it will be a good deal.

Gives You Freedom To Experiment With Your Styling:-

  • Let’s say Rashmi has 1 gold earring(Worth Rs 1 lakh) and 5 pairs of imitation jewellery(worth Rs 5k), of which 2 are customized jewellery for office functions and the other 3 are the trending fashion jewellery like Kundan Jewellery, Meenakari Jewellery, etc. Now, what do you think, what she will wear more often, and which of them is easy to style? I hope you got your answer.

Pros Of Buying Gold Jewellery Over Imitation Jewellery:-

The Great Resale Value Of Gold Jewellery Over Artificial Jewellery:-

  • It is more of an Investment than just a fashion piece, Investment in gold jewellery protects you in times of inflation. Gold does not lose its monetary value and the recent trends show it is ever increasing only, In short “you still have your money with you”
  • Gold Jewelry is bought generally as a valuable asset for a lifetime investment, whereas imitation jewellery/traditional jewellery has its advantages but resale value is not one of them.
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The Market For Artificial Jewellery:-

  • The Global Imitation Jewelry market is expected to grow at a substantial CAGR, market has seen an almost 85% rise in the last decade, and during the forecast period, 2020–2026. Rising prices of gold and other valuable stones and pearls and increasing demand for male costume jewellery are expected to be the key drivers for the market growth.
  • That doesn’t mean the Gold jewellery demand has decreased, it is just that the market for the common man has opened more due to the imitation jewellery options.


There are various advantages of buying artificial jewellery over gold jewellery. Indeed, this jewellery cannot replace gold jewellery. To buy and expand your jewellery collection visit Ciero Jewels


What Metal Is Used In Imitation Jewellery?

Imitation jewellery is generally made of cut and uncut stones, brass, cast iron, nickel, plastic beads, American diamonds and other attractive materials instead of precious metals and gems, which are sourced mostly from India’s Kolkata, Jaipur, Ahmedabad and Surat.

Kundan Imitation Jewellery

What Are The Most Useful Tips To Buy Artificial Jewellery?

3 Things to keep in mind while buying any kind of Artificial Jewellery like Kundan Imitation Jewellery, Silver Jewellery, Meenakari Jewellery, Traditional Jewellery, etc.

  • Always Choose Quality Over Quantity:- In present times you will find N number of cheaper options and if you go with them, it can just contribute to the clutter and will not make you look elegant or sophisticated.
  • Buy From Trusted Sources:- If you are buying online, you can differentiate the quality material from the inferior cheaper material, so always buy from a good and trusted source.Look For The
  • Fineness And Finish:- Never compromise with the finish, like the edges and the metallic locks, they can cause cuts and bruises if not handled correctly.