Georgia is one of the few nations that permit international surrogacy because the practice is outlawed in the rest of Europe. Hence, for all those parents looking for surrogacy as a reproductive solution to establish or expand their family, this factor alone makes it a tempting destination.

On the other side, the surrogacy cost in Georgia is also lower than in most countries around the world. So, if you are a European citizen, you need not travel to Asia or South America in search of an appropriate surrogacy program, rightly suited to your needs.

However, Georgia’s distinctive legislation is what gives the intended parents even more confidence and security in their decision to choose this destination. This regulation forbids the surrogate mother in Georgia from having any rights to the child after birth, giving parents the assurance that their children can be brought home unhindered.

Surrogacy is surely the last resort for most couples dealing with the evils of infertility. Yet, with surrogacy being mostly banned or restricted in many European countries, most of the citizens within these countries find it more difficult to realize their parenthood dreams.

This is where Georgia, a famous European country, comes to the rescue of all such intended parents.  With low-cost surrogacy options added to high-quality medical support, Georgia is surely the top choice for many international parents across the globe.

That said, it is always advisable to do detailed research before shortlisting any destination for your surrogacy aspirations. Hence, to make it a bit easier for you, we hereby bring all the lesser-known facts about surrogacy in Georgia.

How to go about the surrogate mother selection in Georgia?

Intended parents must be aware that picking a surrogate mother is an important part of their program with a surrogacy clinic in Georgia. Moreover, you want to be confident in your decisions and have no concerns that you are doing what is best for your family. Because of this, the surrogacy clinic in Georgia makes a point of checking that each of their surrogate mothers satisfies a set of requirements before being added to their database.

Moreover, all surrogate mothers in Georgia are eager to successfully take the pregnancy to term, are the best fit for the role, and have established medical histories. In this way, you may relax knowing that you made the best decision and that you’ll have the child of your dreams without any health complications.

Hence, as you kick start your search for a surrogate mother in Georgia; do connect with a trusted surrogacy clinic in Georgia for the best results. While surrogate screening, matching, and selection isn’t an easy task, intended parents must avoid taking it all into their hands.

Using a Donor Egg during surrogacy in Georgia

You may require donor eggs if the intended mother is coming with certain issues or complications with her eggs during the IVF treatment process. You receive fertile eggs from an egg donor to continue your journey toward becoming a successful parent. Besides, the in-house egg donation program offered by the surrogacy clinic in Georgia aids in the selection of the ideal egg donor and the subsequent utilization of her eggs.

Additionally, you are free to select any of your friends or family members as your egg donors. That said, the list can be reviewed by the intended parents, who can then shortlist a candidate who meets the criteria they have established for their kid.

On the other side, the team members and professional psychologists from the surrogacy agency have extensive knowledge in this sector and can provide you with the best advice. For the convenience of the intended parents, all of the egg donation prospects have undergone thorough medical and psychological evaluations. Besides, they can access the database and choose an egg donor based on their preferred ethnicity, level of education, or physical description.

The intended parents further have the choice of fresh or frozen donor eggs. In order to make up for the time missed during earlier treatment cycles, frozen eggs are just as viable as fresh eggs. Besides, couples and individuals with budget constraints can opt for this option.

Utilizing Sperm Donors during surrogacy in Georgia

Intended parents have the option of selecting donor sperm from a certified cry bank or even trying someone from their friends and family members. Prior to the donation, sperm donors who work with the surrogacy clinic in Georgia underwent a thorough physical and mental examination. After taking into account the physical traits, ethnicity, and educational background of the egg donor, intended parents are given the choice of choosing their egg donor.

Georgia is certainly the top choice for couples or individuals looking for low-cost surrogacy options in Europe. Besides low surrogacy costs in Georgia, the intended parents can also be benefitted from the flexible surrogacy laws and top-of-the-line medical support system of the country.