Gemstones have been popular for generations for their myriad shades among humans. They enhance the charm of subtle metal designs, just like the stars add sparkle and light to the bland sky. You can find every hue of the rainbow in every tone and saturation inside the lap of Mother Nature. Color gemstones are increasingly becoming popular among people as an alternative to colorless diamonds. More and more couples are opting for a colorful engagement ring rather than sticking to the classic diamonds. One such color is pink which is becoming a hot favorite among women of all ages. Our post below is dedicated to pink gemstones and pink engagement ring sets.



Why Pink is so Influential


If you are wondering why pink is so popular among the younger generation then we must tell you that the pink hue symbolizes eternal beauty, universal love, acceptance, and self-worth. The soft pastel hues of pink gemstones promote feelings of tranquility and contentment in the wearer’s life. Pink is the combination of two powerful hues, white and red. While the intensity of pink depends on how much red is mixed with white, the resultant shade combines the energies of both of its primary colors. 


Pink Gemstones At a Glance


Pink sapphires and pink diamonds command a very significant price in the gemstone market for their unparalleled color scheme. While the color itself gives off contemporary vibes, the antique pink engagement ring looks equally cool. Some of the popular pink gemstone choices in the market include pink sapphires, pink diamonds, pink zircon, morganite, pink topaz, rose quartz, rhodolite garnet, pink opal, pink spinel, pink tourmaline, and pink pearl among others. While the choice of the stone depends on your budget and preference, pink sapphires are the most common substitute for pink diamonds which command the highest price in the market for a pink gemstone in comparison to other varieties.

 a woman wearing pink gemstone rings


Metal Preferences For Pink Gemstone Rings


Pink is such a cool and soothing color in itself that it sparks magic no matter which colors you pair it up with. When we are talking about gemstones and jewelry, pink-hued gemstones surely complement well with all forms and colors of metals. 

The texture of the pink color is so elegant that it creates a fiery combination with warm-toned metals such as yellow gold, rose gold, copper, etc., and a flashy amalgamation with white metals such as silver, steel, platinum, white gold, etc. While the end choice is for you to make, we can guarantee that all pink gemstones with light to medium tone and saturation will appear more delightful with white metals while the dark-toned and vividly saturated ones will radiate their best when paired with dark metals.  


Twining Pink With Other Color Gemstones


Honestly speaking, pink gemstones in themselves are such a blissful sight that they don’t need any other gemstones to elevate their beauty. Having said that, pastel shades of pink gemstones become more vibrant when they are combined with colorless diamonds. Pairing pink gemstones with blue color gemstones like aquamarine and sapphire will create an enchanting combination while light green colored peridots and yellow sapphires will also complement the pastel shades of pink. The orange-pink-hued padparadscha and black opals are capable of reciting a classic tale of love and remembrance when twinned with pink gemstones.


Parting Words


Pink color is often associated with feminism and you would hardly find a girl who wouldn’t admire and get fascinated by this shimmery color and the same goes for pink gemstones. They not only go well with pink color attire but can also create wonders when set with contrasting shades of blue, green, black, etc. If you dream of getting proposed to by your partner with a pink engagement ring box, then you need to curate the best pick from our grand collection of pink engagement rings for sale at the official website of GemsNY, one of the most trusted and experienced wholesale gemstone dealers in the United States.