Ever considered getting an SEO audit? SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization which simply means putting in efforts to make a business rank on top of the search results. Here are some eye-opener stats to show you the importance of SEO in Kelowna. Whether you are a small scale business or running a large scale enterprise, here is how SEO decides the future of your business.
1.Organic SEO: Did you know 80% of users don’t click on paid ads? They will only consider a business worth visiting if it is organically ranking.
2.Ranking matters: Showing on the search results is not enough. You have to beat the competition because a top ranking website gets 18% more traffic than the second or third ranked website.
3.Blogs: On page SEO optimization must be done with blogs. Your pages with helpful information have a 434% higher chance of getting indexed than websites with no blogs.
4.Mobile SEO: 4 out of 5 potential customers is searching for your products and offerings on a smartphone. So make sure that your business is mobile ready with an optimized responsive website.
Final words
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