Safety goggles and glasses are the best defense against eye injuries. By simply wearing safety goggles at work, you can avoid potential dangers. Not only will they protect your eyes while you are at work, but they can also have a huge impact on the long-term health of your eyes.

Different types of accidents occur most often in industrial locations. Whether it’s a chemical accident or an electrocution, no one can ensure complete safety in the workplace, even if safety equipment is provided. More than 40% of workplace eye injuries occur to mechanics, carpenters and plumbers, and more than 70% of these injuries are caused by flying objects.Therefore, protection goggles play a very important roll in PPE solutions.

Most eye hazards occur in unpredictable situations due to heat, light, mechanical damage, flying dust and other suspended particles. Workers may not be aware that contaminated air around a coal chimney or silica evaporator can cause irritation to their eyes.Or in the next range, they may be exposed to contaminated air for longer periods of time and suddenly eye reactions hinder their eye vision. Similarly, at railroad construction sites near diesel fuel depots, the atmosphere contains hot hydrocarbon vapors. In such cases, we must provide workers with proper eye protection to ensure their complete safety.

Top 3 Reasons To Wear Safety goggles

  1. Preventing damage

Many workplaces have dangerous particles or chemicals (wood, dust, dirt, etc.) floating in the air that can cause irritation as well as long-term damage to eyes.

Wearing safety goggles can help prevent these particles from damaging your vision.

  1. UV Protection

The high levels of UV exposure from working outdoors for long periods of time can have a huge negative impact on your eyes.

You should always wear safety goggles to ensure that your eyes are best protected.

  1. Avoid accidents

Safety goggles protect your eyes from hazardous substances such as chemical splashes, oil, grease and fumes.

We also have a natural tendency to wipe our eyes if they are irritated. If you have chemicals on your hands, you run the risk of rubbing them into your eyes, which could cause irreversible damage, such as blindness.

Protection from various hazards:

Chemical, acidic or caustic liquids

Chemical, acid and corrosive fluids are present around laboratories, medical testing and laboratory centers, pathology, refineries, etc. As a result, workers in these institutions are closely associated with these hazardous substances. It is necessary to ensure that workers use safety goggles when handling these chemicals and acids. In addition, it is beneficial if the goggles have properties such as anti-fog, high impact resistance and corrosion resistance.

Direct contact with UV/IR radiations

Exposure to UV rays is not only an environmental issue for you and me, it is also a major concern for the World Health Organization. Therefore, in every industrial standard, workers are required to use the best UV-protective eyewear to ensure that their eyes are completely protected from UV radiation.In sunny and highly polluted environments, workers must wear UV protective goggles.

Molten metal particles

Industries like coal mining or heavy metal construction and decontamination have an intensely hot environment. This environment consists of molten metal vapors that can seriously affect the eyes of workers. In addition to metal refineries, there are also local auto repair shops that consist of high energy radiation that is very harmful to the eyesight. Therefore, safety goggles must be worn at all times when working in this industry.