When it comes to excavators, there are plenty of popular options in our country to buy from. But there’s also a lineup from western to eastern countries to present you with some excavators, along with all the top-rated features and outstanding build quality.

Brands like Hyundai & Volvo bring you excavators that can easily perform all construction-related tasks. From digging to teaching and earthmoving, these construction machines will never let you down from their capabilities.

So, today we are here with a couple of models from Volvo and Hyundai to make you explore these beast models available in the market. So, let’s get right into it.

The Volvo EC210D and Hyundai R 210-LC 7

Volvo EC210D

The Volvo EC210D excavator is one of the most preferred excavators around the globe by industry leaders. To begin with, the Volvo 210 excavator comes with an engine powering the excavator with 156 hp. This power lets you have a lifting capacity of 7240 kg in its bucket of 1 cum capacity.

The Volvo EC210D excavator has an operating weight capacity of 20000 kg, which lets this construction machine dig up to a depth of 6730 mm. 

In addition, excavator Volvo 210 are the best options to choose from when it comes to having an excavator that can easily do all the tasks. Lastly, this Volvo 210 excavator comes at a very friendly pricing starting at Rs. 62 lakhs to Rs. 64 lakhs.

Hyundai R 210-LC 7

Well, Hyundai’s excavators are very well known all over the world. For their efficiency and precision to their build quality, the Hyundai 210 excavator is one of the best available excavators. In addition, being with its engine gives out a power of 157 hp, making this machine a perfect workhorse.

This amount of power helps this excavator to dig to a depth of 5820 mm. This is done by its bucket having a holding capacity of 0.92 cum. So you won’t need to worry much.

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