Gathering Magic is a world quest in WoW: Dragonflight, located in the Azure Archives in the southwest corner of Azure Span. This is the perfect opportunity to spread your dragon-riding wings, or if you’d rather fly around the old-fashioned way, there’s a flying spot nearby. RPGStash will provide you with a guide for completing the WoW Gathering the Magic world quest in Dragonflight.
How to Gather Magic in WoW Dragonflight
Once in the area, look for NPC Michael Robbins standing next to the blue crystal. Tapping the crystals grants a five-minute buff that makes your character glow, but more importantly, lets you see the orbs floating in the area and enables your jumps to reach them. You just need to touch the orbs to count as collected, you can see the progress from the quest log, and once it’s full, the quest is complete.
Jumping usually increases your height significantly when you gain the buff, so you can grab lower orbs with ease. You can also hold the jump button to charge it, and when you let go of it, you’ll jump higher so you can reach those pesky yellow orbs.
Not all of them are easy to collect, and it can be a bit tricky to line up with taller ones, but you can aim for the general direction as you float back and you should be able to adjust yourself in time to grab it. If the buff runs out, tap the crystal again to refresh it. Does not affect mission progress.
It seems that the task of collecting magic should not be too difficult now, and you will be proficient in its skills if you operate it a few times. Completing this world quest will reward you with corresponding rewards and prestige. If you want to know more World of Warcraft quest tips, please go to to learn more.
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