Yamaha MT 15 Features

The Yamaha MT 15 V2 has a screen that shows information and can connect to your phone using Bluetooth. However, this feature is not available on the Metallic Black and Dark Matte Blue colors. With the Yamaha Y-Connect app on your smartphone, you can do things like get alerts for calls, emails, and text messages, remember when your bike needs service, find where you parked, see how far you’ve ridden, and get warnings if something is wrong. It’s a bummer that the bike doesn’t have a feature for giving you directions when you’re riding.


In the latest update, the bike now has better brakes with something called dual channel ABS, lights that use less energy, and a system to help with keeping the bike stable. The bike also has a bright headlight, a light on the back, and a safety feature that turns off the engine when the side stand is down. It’s easier to control the clutch, too.


Yamaha MT 15 Engine Specifications

The Yamaha MT 15 still uses the same 155cc engine that’s cooled with liquid. They made it better with something called Variable Valve Actuation (VVA), which helps it work well at both slow and fast speeds. The engine makes 18.4 horsepower and 14.1 Newton-meters of power. It works with a six-speed gearbox and has a special clutch that makes it easier to change gears smoothly.


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