The episode opens with Akshu returning home. She claims that the saree has been replaced by shoes. She picks up the package. When Abhi gets home, he sees Aarohi. They speak about work. Since you are the senior and will make the decision, she claims that it won’t bother her if you don’t like the list. What Manjiri told, he inquires. She claims that I won’t take it personally, that Ruhi is the only person in my life who I care about, that she is happy with us, therefore I am happy, and that she would talk to Manjiri. He claims that this list is ideal. She advises you to attend the Shimla conference, but Parth probably won’t be able to take it.

Ruhi, he claims, has examinations. She claims that because I prioritise Ruhi and have UKG exams, I won’t leave her. He leaves. I hope your focus for Ruhi never changes, she says. Parth gets ready for the conference. Sorry, mum, I can’t manage this meeting; I lost sleep, he adds. Mahima claims that this is your moment to shine. Parth asserts that Abhi will go in my place if I can’t. She challenges him. As Abhi approaches, Anand observes. Mahima requests that Parth continue to be accountable. She says to change your ways since Aarohi has seen Shefali. Although Parth says I’ll check, I won’t be travelling to Shimla Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai.

Abhinav washes his vehicle. He receives a request from a female to take good care of his life. Don’t mention that Neela Amma told you, he commands. I am her granddaughter, she claims. He is asked to wed Akshu by her. She laughs. She advises going to tell Akshara ji that you love her instead of keeping your feelings from him. He requests that she keep silent. Don’t wait any longer, she advises; once you say it, the moment will be appropriate; go ahead and bid her farewell. Checking Ruhi’s notes is Abhi. Anand arrives. He claims that during the past six years, you have managed everything so well, you have prevented Ruhi from missing her father, and a father is now speaking to you.

Parth can’t attend the conference; you must go instead since, according to what I know about him, he is anxious. But Ruhi, says Abhi… Ruhi will understand if you talk to her about it, advises Anand. My mother informed me that Poppie is skipping his imp lectures due of my examinations, and Ruhi enters to confirm that I understood. You are not five years old, therefore I can’t constantly accompany you, so please say hello to Shimla from my side, she says. Sure? asks Abhi. Yes, she answers. Ruhi granted the authorization, thus Poppy must leave, according to Anand. Mahima contests. Ruhi claims she is constantly angry. Why are you upset with Abhi when Anand says Parth refused?

I’ll go with Parth, according to Abhi. Mahima says “no,” “you’re going alone,” and “don’t create an excuse again.” She leaves. Abhi is told to drive slowly by Anand. Ruhi wishes Abhi a wonderful trip. It will be fantastic now, adds Abhi. Together, Akshu and Abhir study. Your studies, she claims, are superior to my legal studies. He assures her that he will come first and that she should concentrate on her academics and go wash her face. I don’t know what will happen, but I need to obtain a new degree and confront the outside world, says Akshu. Abhinav shows up. He becomes tense. Don’t berate me, says Abhinav, I bought a tool for making jam at a 40% discount. She claims I don’t always reprimand. The dish is fine, she adds after inspecting it. No confidence, no triumph, according to Abhinav. I want to talk, he says. He is questioned by her. Since we are middle class, Amma and Muskaan urged me to tell you, so I thought to say, but in reality, I couldn’t tell you until now because I had bravery and then lost it and felt like I should dream in accordance with my position. However, now that I have dreamt it, I can tell you that.

Akshu requests that he speak clearly. He claims that he is unable to state clearly whether or not we can actually become husband and wife as a result of this husband and wife farce. If you don’t want it, that’s OK. Sure, yes, yes, Akshu replies with a smile. What problem do you have, he queries. I was waiting, she claims, and the agreement is now final. He claims it’s good that I was afraid. She calls it incredible. She takes off the earbuds and announces, “I got a call, I’ll put my tunes on hold.” He notices her. He calls the news incredible. She says, “Victory dance, I’ve been looking forward to today.” I am aware of this joy, he claims, and we shall visit it during the day. This time, she promises, I won’t let my dreams die. Call to Rohan by Abhi. I’m here, says Rohan. Did you prepare for the meeting in this manner, Abhi inquires. I’ll change in the motel, according to Rohan. In the car, they sit. Ruhi dials Abhi’s number. He says to open your books, and Rohan will drive while we study.

The items are loaded into the automobile by Abhinav, Akshu, and Abhir. We must print some stickers, according to Muskaan. I’ll get it, according to Abhinav. Big doctors will be attending the surgeon’s conference, Muskaan claims, therefore we must offer them tailored presents to generate further sales. She displays the listing. Akshu is asked to check by Abhinav. Within the list, Akshu notices Abhi’s name. We won’t travel to Shimla, she claims. Everyone becomes perplexed. Abhir queries as to why we won’t leave and what transpired. Don’t worry, your jam is famous all over the world, so why don’t you want to travel, Abhinav assures them. I’m so sorry, we can’t go, and please keep the goods back in the house, Akshu reprimands him. She leaves.