WebMaxy eGrowth is an AI-driven marketing platform that offers features to help manage marketing efficiently. You can automate entire marketing from Email & SMS to WhatsApp messaging. Enhance your customer experience at each buying journey step and set your business for success. We’ve helped over 100+ brands to increase business efficiency and generate 2X times revenue.

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WebMaxy eGrowth is among the best Zoho Campaigns alternatives that can help brands create, send, and track email campaigns. Zoho email campaign can automate email workflows and track campaign performance.

That’s all but if you want more then you can opt for WebMaxy eGrowth!

WebMaxy eGrowth is an advanced customer data platform that can help you automate marketing channels. You can target customers with personalized messaging at the right time through the right marketing channel.

Comparing WebMaxy eGrowth and Zoho Campaigns 

A comprehensive comparison of WebMaxy eGrowth and Zoho Campaigns to help you choose the best one for your business.

Features WebMaxy eGrowth Zoho Campaigns
Advanced segmentation Yes Yes
Free Email templates  Yes Yes
Easy drag & drop editor   Yes Yes
Detailed campaign reports  Yes Yes
Email automation  Yes Yes
Workflow builder (SMS, Email, & WhatsApp)  Yes No 
AI-driven marketing insights  Yes No
WhatsApp commerce  Yes No
Omnichannel support  Yes No
Social campaigns    Yes No
Customer loyalty    Yes No
Shopify integration    Yes No
Other integrations    Yes No

Get maximum features at an affordable price

WebMaxy eGrowth is one of the top Zoho Campaigns competitors that helps you engage customers throughout the marketing funnel. Get detailed insights and know the conversion & revenue contribution of distinct marketing channels. Build workflows to reach out to customers through SMS, Email, and WhatsApp. Pre-define marketing actions for different customer activities and non-activities and draw them in at all stages of the customer journey. Get more advanced features and integrations at a price lower than Zoho Campaign plans.

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Zoho Campaign pricing vs WebMaxy eGrowth pricing

Pricing based on the number of contacts

(Note: WebMaxy offers unlimited emails, SMS, and WhatsApp messages).

Number of contacts WebMaxy eGrowth Zoho Campaigns
1,001-5,000 contacts Free $39
5,001-10,000 contacts $49 $60.75
10,001-50,000 contacts $90 $172.5
50,000-1,00,000 contacts $149 $302.25

Powerful Automations

WebMaxy eGrowth is listed in the top alternatives to Zoho Campaigns that enables you to create and automate marketing workflows to target customers with relevant messages at the right time. You can automate SMS, Email, and WhatsApp marketing compared to just emails in the Zoho Campaign plans. Build powerful buying journey workflows and drive more customers to your business than Zoho Campaigns review.

SMS, Emails, & WhatsApp messages

Reach out customers through SMS, Emails, and WhatsApp messages after a specified time. Set marketing workflows for sign-up, abandoned cart, order confirmation, & post-purchase.

AI-driven marketing insights

Know which marketing campaigns are delivering the desired results and which are not. Analyze marketing channels’ performance and make investments in the right platforms.

Social campaigns

Manage different social media accounts like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, & LinkedIn from one dashboard. Plan & schedule social media posts beforehand to avoid last-minute delays.

Omnichannel support

Get access to customer queries from marketing channels like Meta, LinkedIn, & Gmail in one dashboard. Respond to customers quickly and enhance their experience with your brand.

Customer loyalty program

Set up a customer loyalty program to encourage customers to stay with your brand. Reward customers for their loyalty, drive repeat purchases and increase customer retention rate. 

Cross-sell and upsell

Retarget customers with product recommendations based on their past purchases. Increase their average lifetime value and boost the revenue of your business.

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Zoho Campaigns alternatives FAQs:

What is zoho campaigns?

Zoho Campaigns is an email marketing software that enables you to create automated email workflows and connect with customers through relevant messages. You can create email campaigns with pre-designed templates and a drag-and-drop editor. You can set email workflows and target customers with personalized content.

What is Zoho campaign used for?

Zoho Campaign is used to engage with customers during their buying journey. You can create triggered automated workflows and reach out to customers with the right messages. You can conduct A/B testing to find out the email campaigns that perform the best with your audience. Also, you can track every contact and know where they are in the buying journey.

What is the difference between Zoho campaigns and marketing automation?

Zoho Campaign is an email marketing tool that enables you to send marketing emails in bulk. Marketing automation refers to the process of automating various marketing channels to engage customers throughout the buying journey. WebMaxy eGrowth enables you to automate SMS, Email, and WhatsApp marketing. You can target prospects with personalized messages and convert them into paying customers easily.

Why is WebMaxy the better choice than Zoho campaigns?

Zoho Campaigns enable you to automate email campaigns only. However, WebMaxy eGrowth lets you create marketing workflows with SMS, Email, and WhatsApp messaging. You get accurate and detailed marketing insights that help you know which marketing channels are delivering results and which aren’t. This way you can choose the right channels for your business and get a higher ROI.

What are the best Zoho campaigns alternatives?

WebMaxy eGrowth is the best Zoho Campaigns alternatives that lets you do a lot more than email automation. You can manage different marketing channels from one dashboard. Create marketing workflows to engage with customers at different buying journey stages. You can target customers with personalized marketing messages and push them to the end of the funnel. Implement a customer loyalty program on your site and boost the retention rate.

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