1. 2-7 triple draw

Before the start of the betting round, the dealer hands each player five

cards. Each player then gets to swap their cards with the dealer. The

first drawing round is followed by another round of betting on the Vave

casino app. The third and final drawing round is then conducted. The

lowest-ranking player in the game wins.

  1. 5-card draw

The dealer starts by giving each player five cards, and they have the

option to exchange up to three of them for new ones. The player with the

best five cards wins the game.

  1. 7-card stud

The game of seven-card stud is similar to a card draw, except that

instead of five, the players are dealt seven cards. Three of these are

face-down cards, and the other four are face-up. To win the game, the

player with the best hand has to create the most number of cards from

their seven cards.

  1. Badugi

In Badugi, the players' rank is similar to that of traditional poker players,

except that instead of having high-value cards, ace cards are now low.

The first draw round begins after the dealer has issued four cards to

each player. Each player is allowed to draw up to four cards during the


The second betting round is followed by another draw of four cards. The

final betting round is then conducted, and the winner is determined

based on the best poker hand.

  1. Chinese poker

The game starts after the dealer gives each player 13 cards. They then

split them into two hands, with the first one containing three cards and

the other one containing five. In Chinese poker terminology, these two

hands are known as the front and the back.

The goal is to have the lowest-ranking card in the front hand and the

highest-ranking card in the back. The players then set their cards on the

table. The first card is the front hand, and the second is the middle hand.

The third card is the closer hand, and the last card is the face down.

The players then start to reveal their hands. If they are playing their

hands, they then announce to the royalty units that they will be playing.

The players then earn points based on the results of their hands. The

winner of the game is determined based on the points earned.

  1. Community card

Texas Hold 'em is a type of poker that requires the dealer to give each

player pocket cards. In addition, these games have face-up cards, which

are dealt on the table. The players then create their own hands using

these and the community cards.

  1. Draw

A draw poker game is a variation of poker that allows players to swap

their first set of cards with the dealer. The players then use these cards

to create their hands.

  1. Omaha hold ’em

The game known as Omaha or Omaha Poker features five betting

rounds and four community cards. Unlike in Texas Hold 'em, the

community cards are dealt face-up during the start of the game. Each

player then hands their five-card hand using their pocket cards and the

four face-up cards. A variation of this game is known as Omaha hi/lo and

Vave where the players create a high and a low hand.

  1. Pineapple poker

Similar to Texas Hold 'em, pineapple poker starts with three cards. Each

player discards one of their pocket cards after looking at them. The first

betting round then begins. This type of poker is similar to Texas Hold

'em in that it has the same rules. However, in a crazy pineapple poker

game, the players only hold onto their pocket cards until the end of the

round before the dealer hands over the fourth card, which is called the

turn card.

Lazy pineapple poker is a type of poker that doesn't require players to

discard their cards until the dealer hands over the river card, which is the

last community card.

  1. Razz

In razz poker, the card ranking system does not apply, as the card with

the lowest rank wins. Instead, it refers to it as the card with the lowest

card in the deck, and this is the objective of the game. Unlike in other

types of poker, players in this game do not have an opportunity to swap

their hands.

  1. Stud

A stud game is a variation of poker. Instead of having players discard

their cards, they have to put together their best hand using the cards that

the dealer has given them. Unlike other games, this type of poker

doesn't have card swapping. Each hand in stud poker typically consists

of around five or seven cards.

  1. Texas hold ’em

The players start with two pocket cards after meeting the required

amount of money to play. The dealer then places five community cards

on the table. The next round of betting is then conducted. The dealer

then turns three of these cards, which are called the face-up, on the


The dealer then places the fourth card on the table, which is known as

the face-up. A betting round is then conducted, and the stakes are

doubled. The dealer then flips over the card, which is known as the river.

This is the last card in the community.

The players then compete in a showdown, where they use their

community cards and pocket cards to create their best hand. The winner

of the game is determined by the rank of their hand.