Experts in today’s labor market may be clearly distinguished from those with more conventional degrees by displaying internationally recognized certifications like the Six Sigma Green Belt or the Black Belt. These days, a Lean Six Sigma Black Belt certification is often given to people who demonstrate they have excellent skills and qualities to deal with a big company’s challenges. Professionals with these certifications are seriously evaluated for promotions in numerous companies across the world.

While Motorola was the first to design Six Sigma in the 1980s, it was Ford, General Electric, and Toyota that helped promote the idea globally. Now that you know why this certification is essential, you will find below three reasons why you should take this certificate ASAP. Are you ready to become the best version of yourself and achieve ultimate wealth and happiness?

1.    Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Certification Helps You Become a Greater Leader

If workers are efficient and provide meaningful outcomes within the allotted period, customers will have faith in the organization. Therefore, a person who acquired the Lean Six Sigma Black Belt certification should lead the team and include green belts and yellow belts because customers will have faith that the service or product they get will be of the highest quality.

Furthermore, the company’s stakeholders and stockholders will have faith in their investments. Suppose you are a professional in the Sigma methodology. In that case, only some team members will be familiar with the terminology and principles, so you will need to be a dedicated leader and make everyone’s lives easier.

Therefore, a Black Belt leader must communicate with his team members clearly and concisely, avoiding technical terms. Participants in the Six Sigma program learn the skills necessary to do this. When compared to a professional in this methodology, non-certified employees will find it very difficult to manage project teams and execute projects with tremendous value.

2.    You Can Ge a Higher Income and Boost Your Self-Esteem

Quality management and other fields have a lot of open vacancies. Thus, the high salary is a significant factor in the career explosion for those who acquire the Lean Six Sigma Black Belt certification. It has been observed that some individuals enroll in the Six Sigma program but do not go on to complete the further levels of certification because they feel overwhelmed by the information and too anxious to step out of their comfort zone.

The course for the Black Belt certification is more complex and time-consuming than the ones that came before it. As a result, these professionals are in high demand in the employment market, and their salaries are among the highest in the world.

Additionally, some issues crop up during project execution that beginners need to be equipped to handle. Thus, for the project to be finished in an optimum and efficient time, a Six Sigma professional with an extensive understanding of the subject needs to step in and help the team. These experts are responsible for project planning, so they will be able to address any problems that arise by drawing on their wealth of expertise.

3.    Knowledge is Power

A team member with a Green Belt level of understanding in Lean Six Sigma may take part in corporate initiatives and use his expertise, but he is not allowed to design them. Alternatively, a Sigma professional acts as project manager, making layout decisions, delegating tasks, and planning the program.

Moreover, those with a black belt have an extensive grasp of the methodology and its ideas, while those with a Green Belt in Six Sigma can teach you the fundamentals. The core method of this concept, DMAIC (Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve, and Control), is something that a certified expert totally understands and implements on projects.

Is This Certification Worth It?

Usually, in a company, a professional who knows how to deal with various challenges is a go-to hero that everyone respects and relies on. The go-to person when chaos ensues, budgets skyrocket, and initiatives keep failing. A Lean Six Sigma Black Belt certification may boost your credibility and gain more respect from others. It will not give you superhuman strength or X-ray vision, but it will provide you with laser-sharp concentration on efficiency.

You will become an expert at removing superfluous steps, getting to the bottom of issues, and streamlining operations. Better jobs, higher wages, and more say-so become available when doors open. All of a sudden, you are at the forefront of bringing about change rather than just addressing issues. Obtaining the certification is a great deal, however. Your drive and desire to get better and grow as a person and in your career are what give you power.

You have power if you are determined to get better and grow as a person and in your career. It might be a great chance to push yourself and leave your comfort zone in order to become the best person you can be and a benefit to your business.

Final Thoughts

Possessing problem-solving abilities applicable to quality improvement may be advantageous in any industry. You may explain the necessity for a solution and frame it in terms of costs and benefits by using data. It is currently expected by several sectors that current or prospective workers possess this qualification, according to experts.

Applicants who do not currently have Six Sigma certification on their CV have the option to get it after they are employed. Eighty percent of Sigma certifications currently are obtained via employers, according to studies. Higher education institutions and digital marketplaces provide the remaining 20%. Assuming you have already decided that certification is the way to go, your best bet is to get it while still in school, via your company, or through a reputable public program once you’re on the job.

You may feel overwhelmed at first when starting your training, but if you are ready to unlock the key to ultimate success, obtaining the Lean Six Sigma Black Belt certification will bring you one step closer to achieving your dream.