In some advertisements, you must have seen at least one or two of your favorite athletes boasting about pre-workout supplements. Almost every other gym enthusiast or fitness geek raves about it in your circle non-stop.

But what is all the hype about? What is so special about these powdered formulas that makes them a must-have for every athlete?

Pre-workouts are energy supplements containing caffeine, amino acids, creatine, and other energy-boosting substances that increase your performance efficiency and prepare you for exercises requiring muscle energy.

What Do Pre-Workouts Do?

It’s like the canned spinach in Popeye, but it’s real.

Pre-workouts invigorate your body with instant energy boosts using the specifically formulated blend of ingredients. Although there is no set list, these ingredients enhance cognitive function and help in weight lifting and muscle building. It increases your stamina and endurance for anaerobic workouts; an exercise that would have taken 90% of your energy may take only 70% after drinking a pre-workout shake, leaving more room for strength training or simple yoga exercises.

What Are They Made up Of?

Pre-workouts comprise caffeine, beta-alanine, creatine, other amino acids, and micronutrients. Let’s discuss some of them below:


Caffeine is the most crucial ingredient in pre-workouts, which helps in enhancing your overall cognitive function and suppresses fatigue. It also helps in memory enhancement, but since it is a diuretic, consuming only a recommended amount of pre-workout supplement is recommended.


Beta-alanine helps prevent acid buildup in muscle, which is common in anaerobic exercises, leading to muscle cramps and pain afterward. It acts as a buffer for your muscles during high-intensity workouts.

Amino Acids

Amino acids provide structural integrity to muscles by increasing lean muscle mass. Also, it controls damage to them by reducing muscle breakdown and increasing blood flow to the exertion areas of the body.

Any Special Instructions Before Taking Pre-Workout Supplements?

Before taking a supplement, you must consult your doctor, especially when you have a medical history of allergies, chronic disease, or genetic disorders. Pre-workouts are usually consumed 20-30 minutes before a workout or warm-up. Since it is a supplement, not food, do not compromise on your meals that will provide enough energy to keep you going throughout the day. Pre-workouts are suitable for athletic performance and gym regimens, but they are not a meal substitute.

It takes consistency to build stamina. You must stick to your gym and pre-workouts to get the desired results. However, there are some things that you must look out for, such as avoiding processed sugar and alcoholic drinks. Did you know each gram of alcohol contains 7 kilo calories? Which means every beer chug gets you closer to a fatty liver and excessive belly fat?

Not to mention excess caffeine. A regular pre-workout pack contains around 150-300 milligrams of caffeine, enough for everyday consumption. But if you are continuing with your coffee ritual during your work breaks, it can be excessive. Drinking coffee night and day while consuming pre-workout supplements is never recommended. Reduce your daily consumption so your fitness goals don’t backfire.

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