Arizona’s year-round sunny weather makes it a cycling paradise. However, the state’s expansive roadways can expose bicyclists to certain accident risks if they or other road users let their guard down. 

As an Arizona bike accident lawyer will tell you, most bike collisions stem from just a handful of common causes. 

We’ll break down the top 4 causes of Arizona bike crashes and give some advice on how to avoid these all-too-common accidents and when to turn to Arizona bike accident lawyers.

1. Distracted Driving

We all know texting while driving is a recipe for disaster. But distracted driving encompasses all sorts of dangerous behaviors: fiddling with the radio, digging for dropped food, putting on makeup, you name it. If drivers aren’t 100% focused on the road, they likely won’t notice a cyclist ahead. And we riders tend to lose in any car vs bike showdown.

To be safe, assume drivers don’t see you (because often they don’t!). Avoid riding in blind spots whenever possible. Make eye contact with motorists before crossing intersections so you know they spotted you. Bright clothes and bike lights also help grab wandering eyes.

2. Blowing Through Stop Signs

Many cyclists breeze right through stop signs without even slowing down. However, studies show intersections account for a third of all urban bike crashes. Failing to stop gives motorists little time to react before you zip into their path. 

Sure, carefully rolling through stop signs saves momentum. But losing that momentum altogether from getting mowed down by a car defeats the purpose.

Seriously, just stop at stop signs to be safe. The 30 seconds you’ll save over a few miles isn’t worth the risk.

3. Dangerous Road Conditions

Cracks, potholes, gravel, slippery maintenance hole covers – Arizona roads harbor many bike hazards. According to the Arizona Department of Transportation, these dangers cause crashes for 17% of urban riders. Rural roads also throw plenty of such spots, from loose dogs to sand drifts blowing across shoulders.

Scan the road surface far ahead to spot hazards early if you can. Point out road flaws to other riders. Also, report problems to Arizona’s DOT when in a position to.

4. Inattention

Daydreaming along nice scenery and losing focus leads to crashes for many casual Arizona riders. It’s tempting to just zen out and wander your mind during postcard-perfect rides. But sudden road hazards or traffic changes can catch you unprepared. 

Inattention accounts for 50% of accidents involving recreational riders, according to national figures. Stay mentally engaged during every ride, even mellow recovery rides. Hold focus through varied interval drills.

When Prevention Isn’t Enough, Turn To Arizona Bike Accident Lawyers

Knowing the most common causes of Arizona bike mishaps, we can take proactive steps to prevent them during rides. Put these safety tips into practice, such as wearing a helmet, using lights after dark, and learning fundamental bike handling skills. 

With extra awareness and responsibility, we can all enjoy many happy years of great Arizona cycling ahead. And if the worst still happens, experienced Arizona bike accident lawyers can protect your rights as a victim. Reaching out for legal help ensures any drivers at fault are held fully accountable and that you stand to get fairly compensated.