With air travel, experiencing flight delays is unfortunately inevitable. You might have felt the stress of being late at your destination when you have to attend an important business meeting or an event. Reaching on time becomes questionable when the inbound flight has not even landed. Do you know that it is possible to predict the probability of flight delay to an extent?  There might be a high chance that it may go right but as air travel depends on hundreds of elements, it might not be fully accurate. If you are interested in predicting the probability of a flight delay, read along to know how.


Use a flight tracking website

There are plenty of websites available online to check whether a flight is on time. You can use these to check the status of your flight and the history of the time performance of the flight.


Check the flight status with the airline

Use the airline’s official website to check the flight status. You will be able to access the incoming flight data allowing you to predict whether your flight will depart on time.


Assess the components below

  • Weather- Obviously, the weather is a huge component affecting take-off and landings. Acquaint yourself with the day’s forecast. During the winter, due to low visibility, the flights might be running late. In seasons with strong winds/ storms, most flight schedules are affected. Thus, asses the weather to make an accurate prediction.
  • Airport information- Know about your departure airport and learn if there are flight delays taking place due to runway closures or for other reasons. 
  • Delays reported on the day- Check whether the percentage of delays on the specific departure day. The higher the percentage, the more likely it is that your flight will be late.
  • Airlines related concerns- Airlines related concerns like pilot shortages and aircraft issues are most likely to be in the news. Keep an eye out for such information. 

Check the flight delay information on FAAs website

FAAs website gives you access to a map showing you all the delays taking place in a day. You may look up the website to get the information.

Last but not least, always check where your aircraft is coming from and whether it has taken off from there on time. This is one of the best ways to make a prediction. If you think the probability of your flight being late is high, cancel the flight and ask for a refund. Most airlines provide a refund if the delay is longer than a certain number of hours. Then you may opt to get Last Minute Flight Deals For American Airlines offers cheap tickets to many destinations. Leave your disappointment behind as you may still have a chance to reach on time!