It does not matter which of the visa you are about to apply to, the process can make you be anxious and even the time-consuming. Processing time has actually been extended to a large visa due to the coronavirus effect and there is a dramatic increase in the curve of the pending cases, which is its second factor of times taking. The fact that we are likely ‘to spend more time in the airport’ is not ‘the end of the world’ as you can use various techniques to accelerate your visa processing. In this case study, we will show you 4 good methods which will help you sort out your visa application and get more chances of getting your documents processed quicker.

Whether you are just starting or are already in the process, the unlimited support from Boundless will undoubtedly help you avoid the common pitfalls of the immigration process and get it right.

1. Apply Early!

If at this stage you may think that this is obvious, but the sooner you send your application, the earlier you can learn if you’ve been approved of your visa or green card! As the immigration mechanism spins its wheels in the wake of pandemic-caused delays for a while now, a massive push this year is being made to submit visa and green card applications of a growing number of hopefuls. The pandemic of the COVID-19 & many other factors, however, played a critical role in drawing up the statistics of the pending cases, and so the more applicants wait to claim the file, the more likely they are to encounter increased processing time.

Submitting your application to the State’s authorities on time makes your application to be given priority, after which you should start doing the necessary things like filling the forms and arranging your documents, so that you can be effective. Unrestricted can help you to build up a systematic strategy suitable for every step of a visa process, from filling out forms to your interview on immigration. Get started today!

2. Try To Submit a Strong Application for The First Time Around

One of the key measures of making sure your visa is processed and completed as it should is to provide a full, perfect, and of course strong application at one go. The typical process as it usually goes through for the majority of visa applications involves to conduct a wide range of research with a high level of understanding when filling up the government forms and collecting supporting documents.

It is to be mentioned that the imperfect applications with minor mistakes can result in delays for weeks or even months making the expenses of government fees more than you may have anticipated.

3. Leveraging Of Premium Processing, When Possible

The alternative to speeding your visa process could be “premium processing” if the visa type that you are applying for. Immigration Services, provides for the premium processing service which is an accelerated resource utilized in the petition processing by individuals, organizations, or employers or other petitions. Along slipstream of employment-based residency visas and nonimmigrant visa categories, it’s available.

The State pledges to respond within a specified time period as long as the petition is listed under expedited processing; most often this timeframe is 15 days. If it would not process the application during the given time frame, they will refund the premium processing fee as well as continue to process the petition as expeditiously as possible.

4. Contact Your Representative

The other tactic for the quick processing of your visa is to request Your congressional representative on your behalf.

Along with the representatives of the Congress, there can be interactions with the agencies that are federal and citizens can still be able to submit a congressional inquiry into specific cases of the immigration. They might not have enough power to solve all issues entirely or even to influence the decision-making process, but they can do a lot in terms of bringing specific cases to the limelight so that delays in processing could be reported on, which helps among other things to draw the attention of the authorities to these issues. In case you are looking for ways to reach out to your representative regarding an issue regarding green card or visa application, you can make contact with Immigration Lawyer so he can guide you thoroughly.