An apostille service is for the validation of documents for international use. An apostille is a certification issued in a country by a competent authority like US Apostille Services that confirms the authenticity of documents. 

A global agreement understood as the Hague Apostille Convention makes the legalization of records simple between signatory nations. A certificate apostille guarantees a document’s legal validity in other countries.

Getting an apostille is a complex procedure. It needs precise knowledge and preparation of documents in advance. Mistakes in the process can cause delays and rejections. They can also invalidate a document. 

Five common mistakes to avoid in Apostille services

These are the five common mistakes that can occur to delay the procedure. 

Not understanding the Apostille

People do not fully understand the Apostille. There are specific requirements and procedures for every country where the Apostille will be necessary. It is crucial to familiarize yourself with the rules and regulations of the services. Different documents may require additional certifications and translations into the official languages of the destination. Not conforming to them may cause rejections. It is crucial to take time for research and gather correct information regarding the essential criteria. 

Not checking the document’s Eligibility

Many people are unaware of a document’s eligibility for an Apostille. Personal documents like birth certificates, marriage certifications, and academic degrees are generally eligible for Apostille. Some documents require further procedures like an additional power of attorney or more. It is critical to confirm the qualification of a document before initiating an Apostille service by consulting a suitable authority or a legal expert.

Preparing Incorrect Documents

Improper preparation of records will lead to errors in the process. One must ensure that the documents and papers are in optimal condition. There should be no tears, cuttings, or lost pages. The certificates need to be in good condition with up-to-date names, dates, and signatures. The copies of the documents are not eligible for attestation. The original documents are commonly necessary for an apostille. It is better to get certified duplicates of the original documents because some countries will need copies of certificates for the process. Each country has a different rule, and one must prepare for US Apostille services

Inadequate notarization 

Insufficient notarization is a frequent error that will lead to the rejection of a document. Before the Apostilles attestation, the document must be verified by a competent notary official. The notary signatures, seal, and date of expiry must be clear and visible. The notary public must follow the correct notarization procedure. It will be appropriate to confirm that the notary’s commission is proper and operational during the time of notarization. It may prevent further errors and delays. 

Not observing Apostille Legalization Procedures

To avoid any error, it is paramount to obey the legalization procedures of the issuing officer. Every country has distinct needs for Apostilles, like, document types, preference of languages, and specific forms to be filled. One must educate oneself with the rules and regulations. The Document legalization process must be done in an accurate and precise manner. 


Apostille certification can be demanding. It is especially tough for individuals unfamiliar with the requirements of the best practices. The Apostille services are for the documents regarding Education, Jobs, Business, legal procedures, migration, and family permits. Not understanding the procedure or incorrect preparation of documents can cause many unwanted errors. It wastes time and money. It is best to get guidance from competent persons who are experts in legal procedures. Washington Consular Services, Inc (WCS) provides efficient and quick authentication of the documents and legalization services. With over 40 years of experience, we will help you solve the complex cases of your organization and personal requirements. Get in touch to know about our expertise and services. 

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