Leveling up in Valorant is a significant achievement, showcasing a player’s experience and skill in the popular first-person shooter. It not only provides bragging rights but also unlocks the Competitive game mode, a favorite among the player base. Additionally, leveling up rewards players with cool borders to display, adding a touch of flair to their profiles.

In this pursuit, Valorant Accounts play a significant role. A well-leveled account, adorned with achievements and unlocked features, enhances a player’s overall gaming experience. Valorant Accounts provide not only a sense of accomplishment but also a personalized touch to showcase one’s journey and success within the game.

Here are five effective methods to swiftly increase your account level in Valorant:

1) Play Unrated Games

Unrated games are an excellent choice for leveling up quickly. These matches have no stakes, allowing players to enjoy a competitive experience without the pressure. Longer games generally yield more Account Points (AP), the primary currency for leveling up. Given the lack of consequences in Unrated, it remains the top game mode for new players aiming to unlock Competitive.

2) Understand the AP System

To expedite leveling up, it’s crucial to comprehend the functioning of the AP system. Players earn 1 AP for each match and an additional AP for every six seconds of gameplay. Winning a match provides an extra 50 AP, making victories particularly rewarding. Accumulating 5000 AP is necessary to progress to the next level.

3) Win at Least One Game Daily

Winning a game not only brings a sense of accomplishment but also significantly boosts your account level. The Account Point system grants 1,000 AP for the first win of the day, resetting every 22 hours. Consistently winning at least one game each day ensures a steady progression in your account level.

4) Master an Agent

Proficiency with a specific Agent can enhance your chances of winning matches consistently. Mastering the abilities and strategies of an Agent instills confidence, directly impacting your overall gameplay. This increased skill level translates to victories, one of the fastest routes to leveling up in Valorant.

5) Daily Gameplay Routine

Establishing a daily gameplay routine is a fundamental strategy for rapid leveling. Regularly playing a few matches each day contributes significantly to increasing your account level. However, it’s essential to strike a balance by taking breaks to stay focused and prevent burnout. Consistency is key to achieving continuous progress.


Whether you prefer Unrated games for relaxed progression or focus on mastering specific Agents, understanding the AP system and incorporating these strategies into your daily routine will undoubtedly accelerate your journey to higher levels in Valorant.

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