Paddle powered kayaks have a lot of advantages and in a world full of modern pedal driven kayaks, they still offer a lot of value, especially in shallow water.

At the same time, models like the Old Town PDL 120, which is extremely stable, fast, rich in features and functionality, and has a low-maintenance pedal drive, offer a welcome alternative to many.

Let’s take a look at some of the reasons it might be worth it for you to upgrade your current setup.

You’re Tired of Being Tired
While it’s true that paddle driven kayaks are better in shallow water, they’re just not engineered for the same level of energy efficiency as pedal powered kayaks.

Paddle powered kayaks still rely almost entirely on upper body strength, but modern pedal drives leverage efficient systems for superior performance and speed, all at less cost to you in terms of output.

So if you find yourself getting tired after long days paddling, a pedal driven kayak might be the solution, especially if you’re out there a lot.

You Fish a Lot of Open Water
If you fish a lot of rocky, weedy water, then pass on the pedal kayak. On the flipside, if you’re always out on wide rivers, big lakes, or even in the ocean, there are pedal powered kayaks that are perfect for that.

In fact, by the very design, most pedal-powered kayaks are made for open-water fishing. As mentioned they are typically much more efficient and designed to get you where you’re going, faster.

Open-water and offshore fishing requires you to be equipped to cover a lot of distance efficiently – for which most pedal-powered kayaks are ideal.

You Need to Keep Your Hands Free
It’s a bigger hassle for some than for others being tethered to a paddle, but it’s also true that pedal-powered kayaks, by the very design, enable you to keep your hands free. This makes it possible for you to pilot the kayak while casting to and even fighting fish, without the need to encumber your hands or secure a paddle before you can make a move.

Handling and Stability
Pedal driven kayaks are not inherently more stable than paddle powered alternatives, but there are still a lot of dense, modern pedal kayaks that are extremely stable and more than capable of handling an offshore chop.

Moreover, many modern pedal kayaks, like the Native Titan X Propel kayaks, Hobie Angler Pro 14, and Old Town PDL 120, are so stable that you can stand and fish in them comfortably.

Again, this has nothing to do with the fact that a kayak is powered by a pedal drive, necessarily, but modern pedal kayaks are increasingly rich in features and functionality.

For instance, many modern pedal kayaks have multiple dry wells, tie-down points, and rod holders, along with plenty of space in the cockpit and behind the pilot for tackle and other gear.

Many modern kayaks are also Power Pole ready, compatible with transducers and electronics, and much more.

Just because you get a pedal-driven kayak doesn’t mean you’re stuck, for better or worse, with pedal power.

Some, like the Hobie Lynx, are configurable with sail power, and others, like the Jackson YuPIK, can be configured with trolling motors – so you can rig the yak the way that works best for you.

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