These days, the world is changing all the time, so keeping up with these changes is essential. Regarding the world of real estate, the methods investors use to find motivated seller leads are being tweaked and rethought constantly. That’s why we’ve created this list. Read on to know seven effective ways to find motivated sellers in 2024.

What Are Motivated Sellers?

Motivated sellers are homeowners who desperately need to sell their properties. There are two kinds of motivated sellers:

1. Active Motivated Sellers

These folks need to sell fast and they’re trying hard to do so. They might be looking for an agent, talking to buyers, or trying to sell the house themselves.

2. Passive Motivated Sellers

These homeowners want to sell, but they haven’t taken steps to do so. There could be lots of reasons why they’re not taking action. For one, they may not know where to start, or they may be battling health issues. Also, they may be afraid of selling at the wrong time.

So how can real estate investors access these two groups? Let’s see!

1. Organize Virtual Or In-Person Gatherings For Prospective Sellers

Building relationships is pivotal in the real estate game. Hosting small, cost-effective events can yield motivated seller leads. For example, you might participate in local events, host gatherings, or arrange free workshops and webinars that are tailored to distressed sellers. Gather information from attendees to strengthen your real estate customer relationship management (CRM) database.

2. Focus On Distressed Sellers

Identify distressed sellers, i.e. individuals who need to sell because of financial issues, foreclosure, or emergencies. You could physically inspect distressed properties, otherwise known as driving for dollars, or scour online platforms like and Also, you could target expired listings on the MLS.

3. Check Out Probate Sales

If a homeowner has died and left their property to a loved one, the new owner may be willing to sell. Check local obituaries, monitor estate sales on platforms like Craigslist and, and review probate records at local district courts. Approach these situations with care, and use non-intrusive methods. For example, offer a complimentary market analysis to initiate conversations; this way you don’t come off as sale-focused.

4. Consider Divorce Leads

While delicate, divorce leads can be lucrative. Collaborate with divorce attorneys and lenders, explore public divorce records, and use targeted ads on social media to reach potential sellers who are going through divorce.

5. Look At FSBOs

For Sale By Owner (FSBO) leads often yield good results for those who know how to approach them tactfully. Find FSBO listings on websites like or Zillow. Engage with these sellers and demonstrate your expertise.

6. Pay-Per-Lead Strategies

Pay-per-lead strategies could get you hundreds of leads in no time at all. And if your strategy is customized to meet your requirements, your chances of landing profitable motivated home seller leads go way up. Also, pay-per-lead strategies are straightforward, and there are no monthly commitments to worry about.

7. Use Social Media

Leverage the potency of social media advertising on platforms like Facebook and Instagram. Create tailored ads that are aimed at motivated sellers, and guide users to landing pages that encourage further interaction. Continuously monitor and refine social media campaigns based on performance.

Easiest Way To Find Motivated Seller Leads

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