Adding the human touch to AI-generated data is essential to ensure the accuracy and fluency of the AI-generated data. To keep the data fluent, error-free, updated, and free from biasing, it is required to edit the AI-generated content.

Here are the best seven ways to humanize the AI text:

Proper Consideration of Target Groups

For content to be impactful and good, one needs to identify their audience properly. Proper analysis of the targeted audience is essential for good output. By proper identification of the audience, one can feed the used AI tools properly to extract more accurate data or messages according to preferences, psychologies, and demographics of the targeted groups of the audience. This will help data to properly reach and become understandable for its ideal readers or audiences.

Humanize AI Text using Online Tools

You can use Humanize AI Text (Free) by, Humanize AI Textt by, or AI Humanizer by These tools are free online text converters that turn AI-generated text into human-like language. They are among the best tools available for creating content that sounds like it was written by a human. Also known as AI-to-human text converters, these tools are featured on Text to AI.


This tool supports multiple languages and can be used on various browsers and devices. The content produced by this tool is undetectable by AI content detectors in the market, making it an excellent solution to bypass such systems.


With support for languages such as French, Spanish, Chinese, Hindi, and more, this tool is versatile and can be used for a wide range of applications. Additionally, the text generated by this tool can be converted to Krutidev using Unicode to Krutidev converter.


Add Slogans, Lines According to the Requirements

The AI-generated data can be made suitable for audiences by adding some relevant slogans and lines according to the required purpose of the content. This will make data look impactful and catchy, and it will draw the attention of the user. Hence, a proper and relevant slogan or line will improve the generated data and will make the generated data suitable for the audiences to read.

Use of Visuals and Images

The use of visuals is the best option to give the AI-generated data a good human touch. Adding relevant visuals will make the data look more attractive and will help in better understanding. Visuals or images will make data more engaging and appealing to the audience. 

Moreover, the addition of proper pictures, diagrams, charts, and images will make the product more understandable. It will help the audience to understand the complex data easily. This will not only help readers understand the scope and impact of AI-generated data but also make the article more credible and authoritative.

Give Data Personal Touch

It is very important to add a personal touch to AI-generated data or content to make it more engaging. Infusing the machine-produced data with personal thoughts and opinions will help the audience to understand better.

The content produced is not unique and lacks creativity. To bring uniqueness to AI-generated work, adding some personal opinions, facts and figures, and real-life examples will help the data look more attractive and more engaging to the readers. It will also give the audience a personal feel while reading the data and will help in better understanding.

Proper Use of Active Voice

Most of the AI-generated data is written in passive voice, which makes it sound monotonous. So, it is required to do some minor reconstructing to make it sound lively and interesting. Using active voice will make data sound more engaging and easier to comprehend to the audience.

 More use of active voice rather than passive voice will make the data look more dynamic and impactful to the audience. It will also help in adding personal touch to a personal touch to the produced data.

Write Content Based on Original Research

For content to be more engaging and to reach the data larger sector of the audience, data need to be based on original research. This will make data more trustful and impactful to the readers. To add a good human touch to the generated data, it is required to check all the proper facts and figures. Also, add some original data based on proper research to make the machine-produced data more impactful, unique, creative, appealing, and engaging.

Proofread and edit the AI Content so that it can go with the Flow

The data generated by AI can have a few errors. So, it is required by humans to make the given data error-free. This will make the data sound good and catchy and will be suitable for reading. Though the AI technologies used are very advanced and efficient, there is a chance that some errors are possible in the work done by AI. 

To ensure that there is no error in the machine producing data, it is required to check the data. Most of the AI-produced data is generally short and lacks certain information. Therefore, one cannot rely on long forms of content in AI-generated data. The data needs to be expanded by humans as per their requirements. Accuracy is very important for any work, so AI-generated data needs human assistance.


Hence, these are the seven tips to add proper human touch to AI-generated data. Proper use of these tips will make data look more impactful, appealing, engaging, creative, unique, and personal so that it can reach a large sector of readers.