As the event technology is evolving rapidly, it is also bringing various benefits to event planning. Technology not only saves time and minimizes errors but also allows participant tracking, enhances engagement, enhances event promotion, broadens reach, measures success, and most importantly, enriches the attendee experience. Moreover, event technology can boost productivity by 27% and attendance by 20%.

Now with so many options available, it is a difficult task to decide which technology is worth investing. To help you, we’ve collected the most popular event technology trends given below:

  1. QR Codes: Recently, QR codes have gained popularity across various niches, including events. It promotes efficient management tasks and enhances the attendee experience by facilitating check-ins, providing contactless payments, tracking attendance, providing easy access to event information, and collecting feedback.
  2. Augmented and Virtual Reality: Event tech trends is increasingly integrating physical and virtual experiences through augmented and virtual reality. These technologies provide engaging experiences other than traditional presentations, including features such as 360-degree videos and interactive data displays.
  3. Digital Photo Booths: Interactive activities like virtual photo booths enable attendees to express themselves in real-time. These customizable tools promote event engagement, community building, sponsor promotion, and memory capture.
  4. Live Streaming: Live streaming has gained traction, with 57% of marketers adopting it to bolster their brands. It expands event reach significantly, with social media platforms adapting algorithms to accommodate live streams.
  5. Simu live: Simu live events provide a cost-effective virtual event marketing solution. Combining pre-recorded content with live interactions maintains engagement levels without requiring extensive streaming technology.
  6. Event Gamification: Incorporating gamification into events enhances engagement by introducing competition, rewards, and interactive elements. When implemented purposefully, gamification achieves event goals effectively.
  7. Event Management Software: Event management software streamlines the entire event lifecycle, from promotion and registration to attendee management and reporting.


In conclusion, organizing a high-tech and mesmerizing event requires combining the right technology and expertise of an event management company. Channel Technologies, an event management agency in Noida is your reliable partner in planning various events, guaranteeing success and making a lasting impression.

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