Although playing Monopoly GO requires a lot of luck and good timing, mastering some skills can indeed give you a significant advantage. For this purpose, we have put together a strategic beginner’s tips guide follow us and explore together!

Tip 1. Free Dice

Running out of dice brings an abrupt halt to your property empire; hence having a steady supply is essential. Thankfully there are genuine ways of keeping your dice cupboard always full! Here’s:

Daily Login Bonuses: By simply logging into the game each day, you can receive additional Monopoly GO dice as a reward.
Dice Links: Clicking on these links, which are shared on the app’s official Instagram and Facebook accounts, will help you claim Dice Rolls entirely for free!
Inviting Friends To Play: Inviting friends to join Monopoly GO can also result in free dice rewards.

Tip 2. Color Wheel Boosts

The Color Wheel gives you a chance to earn extra dice rolls, money, or sticker packs. How much you’ll get, or how rare your sticker rewards are, depends on where the wheel stops. But do you know though that you could squeeze more out of it? Here’s how:

Event Timing: Keep an eye on the event schedule for Color Wheel Boosts, which usually pop up daily or every other day.
Double Trouble: When a property is boosted by the color wheel, landing on it gives you two spins instead of one.
Strategic Spending: Save your in-game cash and wait for these boosts before upgrading landmarks. You can double your chances for free cards, extra dice, and more money when you land on properties with red houses during the boost since each house will give you an additional spin.

Tip 3. Targets

Attacking in Monopoly Go isn’t just about causing chaos; it’s about strategy. Here’s what you need to know:

Inactive Players: Some players download the game but don’t actively play. Their boards are easy to spot and perfect for repeat attacks since they won’t retaliate or rebuild their defenses.
Unshielded Opponents: Watch out for boards with spinning characters around properties – their shields are down. Do not waste those precious dice on shielded foes but take advantage of this golden opportunity!

Tip 4. Lucky Number

In Monopoly Go, dice rolls are not just mere luck, but probability too. The number 6, 7, 8 is your new best friend. This is because 6, 7, and 8 rolls are the most common dice outcomes—with a 25% chance of recurring

Strategic Positioning: Being exactly 6,7,8 spaces from a specific location such as jail or a railroad makes it more likely that you will land there on your next turn.
Roll with a goal: Do not increase the Multiplier if you have no target.
Cross the Go Tile with a Multiplier: If you’re low on cash, cross the Go corner with more dice to squeeze out extra money.

Tip 5. Trading Stickers

In Monopoly GO, sticker trading, commonly known as card trading, helps you complete albums and gain rewards. Completing every album can earn you tens of thousands of dice, making it worthwhile to exchange cards with others. By the way, if you don’t want to trade, you can also buy Monopoly Go Stickers online to complete!

Community Power: Join the official Monopoly Go Community on Facebook which boasts millions of members and acts as a trading center, source of top advice as well as connections.
Exclusive Groups: To have a more tailored experience, search for specialized trading groups such as Monopoly Elites who provide community support for trades, giveaways, or advice.

Tip 6. Utilize Sticker Booms

Like jackpot wins in Monopoly Go sticker booms simply mean hitting gold. These occasions will give you many cards that will make your progress skyrocket. Below is how you should use them to your favor:

Check the Timeline: The game’s events tab has a schedule. Plan your playtime around these lucrative periods.
Combine Events: Where possible, synchronize sticker booms with color wheel boosts so that you get double upgrades and rewards.
Go All In: When there are sticker booms going on be aggressive in playing your cards so that you get the most valuable ones that are likely to be available at this time.

Tip 7. Gold Card Strategy

Gold cards present both opportunity and difficulty on account of their trading limitations. Here’s how you can navigate these waters:

Double Value: The value of gold cards is doubled during the exchange at the Vault – this is an enormous advantage.
Trade During Golden Blitz: Watch out for such rare instances as they will be your only chance for trading golden cards. Ensure that you remain vigilant and swift whenever they appear.
Plan Ahead: Collect gold cards whenever possible so that you won’t get stuck later when trying to complete your entire collection with them.

Tip 8. Maximize Event Participation

Monopoly Go features numerous events all contributing towards progress. Here’s the strategy:

Triple Event Play: Participate in tournaments, top-screen events, or special events like Peggy or mining for compounded rewards.
Synergistic Rewards: If you take part at once in several different events, there could be a series of bonuses occurring which will make you keep on playing and progressing.
Optimal Timing: Play your dice at the peak of the event overlapping to harvest the most out of it.