Are you passionate about visiting Medina? Medina is the second-holiest city in Saudi Arabia, and Muslims love to visit. As Medina is an Islamic city, most of the tourists are Muslims. Apart from Muslims, it’s always open for others, such as visitors. But, are you visiting Medina for the first time and wondering a guide to explore the holy city? So, don’t worry, dear visitors! This article is for you as we will explain a thorough guide to the best things to do in this holy city.


Planning your First Visit to Medina

Many Muslims visit Medina during Umrah. Have you ever considered why is it necessary to visit Medina during Umrah? However, whether it’s your Umrah trip or a causal trip to Medina, let’s see a guide to your first visit!


Visiting the Prophet’s Mosque

Your trip to Medina is incomplete without visiting the Prophet’s Mosque. Also known as Masjid-e-Nabwi, it has a more prominent green dome—the symbol of its recognition. As a Muslim, this holy Mosque might be your primary reason for visiting Medina.

In the Prophet’s Mosque, you can pray, offer supplications, and spend some valuable time inside the courtyard. The Mosque is always open, which allows visitors to experience tranquillity. Be sure that this is the holy Mosque, so dress modestly and pay respect to its local culture and customs.


Ensure your Accommodation in Medina

Having accommodation is an essential part of any trip. You will also need accommodation while going to Medina. This holy city offers many hotels to stay in, and you can book according to your budget. While booking, ensure the distance between the hotel and the Mosque so you can easily reach the Mosque (the focal point of your visit to Medina).


Do visit to different Ziyarats

Medina has many Ziyarats points where you can visit and explore. Ziyarats means visiting holy places. Let’s see below some of the famous Ziyarats locations in this holy city:

  • Quba Mosque
  • Jannat al-Baqi
  • Masjid al-Qiblatain
  • Masjid-e-Gamamah
  • Uhud Mountain
  • Masjid Jummah
  • Saqifah Garden
  • Salman Farsi Garden


Try Medina’s Local Cuisine

Medina has delicious dishes and foods that you can try. A visit to any place is only possible by trying the cultural cuisines. If you want to have a more authentic food experience, it’s recommended to opt for local restaurants. You can also taste street foods. As a first-timer, finding the cuisine shops and what to try may be difficult. To remove your confusion, we have made a list of foods you can try in Medina.

  • Kabsa
  • Mandi
  • Medina Dates
  • Musub
  • Malfouf
  • Luqmat al-Qadi
  • Baklava

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Shopping in Medina

Who doesn’t love shopping? It’s an act that everyone loves. Shopping in another country is a different kind of fun. In Medina, you can shop for traditional as well as religious items. You can shop in Malls, local markets, and souqs. The most popular items are handicrafts, dates, spices, clothing, jewellery, gold, prayer items, etc. Ensure you have enough budget and the matching currency to buy items in the holy city.


Let’s make an itinerary for first-time visitors to Medina:

Day 1: Your first consideration is travelling from the airport to the destination, Medina. Rest and explore the Prophet’s Mosque in its spiritual atmosphere.

Day 2: On day 2, you can explore the Ziyarats locations mentioned above. Ensure you have enough knowledge about the sites or take a guided tour.

Day 3: Count this day on shopping and exploring the whole city.

Day 4: Let’s consider day 4 in trying the local cuisines.

Day 5: On day 5, you can learn the local culture by participating in different activities, such as using Arabic for communication.

Remember that this is just an example itinerary for understanding purposes; you can customize it according to your own.