Path of Exile offers a diverse array of character classes, each with its own unique strengths and weaknesses dictated by their individual passive trees. From brute strength to arcane mastery, players must carefully consider their preferred playstyle when choosing a character. Among these options is the Scion, a versatile class perfect for players keen on experimenting with various builds.

The Scion stands out as a character with a balanced distribution of stats, providing a blank canvas for players to tailor to their liking. With its passive tree featuring branching paths that cater to each attribute, the Scion allows for a wide range of customization, enabling players to shape their character’s strengths according to their preferences.

How does one go about unlocking this intriguing class?

The journey to unlock the Scion begins in the Tower of God, where she is held captive in a cage. This cage can be found in the area preceding the lair of the act’s final boss. Players need only interact with the cage to set the Scion free, thus adding her to the character selection menu. However, if the cage is missed, fear not; the Scion can also be unlocked by vanquishing Dominus, the boss residing in the subsequent chamber. Tired of farming Gold? Come to RPGStash now to get POE Currency quickly

Scion’s Attributes:

The Scion embodies adaptability, boasting a starting stat line of 20 in Strength, Intelligence, and Dexterity. This balanced foundation allows players to explore a myriad of character builds without being confined to a specific archetype. Positioned at the center of the passive tree, the Scion is surrounded by skills that complement each attribute, granting her unparalleled flexibility in character development.

Ascendancy Options:

Unlike other classes, the Scion has access to only one ascendancy option—the Ascendant. This unique ascendancy offers a passive tree that draws inspiration from each playable character, providing players with a wealth of possibilities for character specialization.

Upon activating a node associated with a specific character, players gain access to that character’s starting point in the passive tree, opening up new avenues for character progression.

The true beauty of the Scion lies in her adaptability. Whether you seek to unleash devastating physical attacks, wield powerful spells, or embrace a hybrid playstyle, the Scion can accommodate your preferences with ease.


For those inclined towards melee combat, investing in nodes that enhance strength-based attributes can turn the Scion into a formidable warrior, capable of cleaving through hordes of enemies with unmatched ferocity.

Alternatively, players with a penchant for spellcasting can focus on developing the Scion’s intelligence-based skills, transforming her into a master of the arcane arts. From hurling fireballs to summoning lightning storms, the possibilities are endless for those who harness the Scion’s magical potential.

Furthermore, for those who prefer a balanced approach, the Scion’s equal distribution of attributes allows for the creation of hybrid builds that blend the best of both worlds. By strategically allocating points in the passive tree, players can create a character that excels in both physical and magical combat, offering versatility in any situation.


The Scion stands as a testament to the boundless potential of character customization in Path of Exile. Whether you aspire to be a stalwart warrior, a cunning spellcaster, or something in between, the Scion offers a blank canvas upon which to paint your own destiny. Unlock her, experiment with her, and discover the limitless possibilities that await on the Path of Exile.

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