Many people make the mistake of choosing a smart TV that doesn’t match their room size or decor. Before you buy a smart TV, consider the size of your room and your family. For a smaller room or a family of 3-4, a 32-inch smart TV is a good option. For a larger room or a family of 5-7, a bigger screen size might be preferable. 

Aspects to Consider for Buying Buy Smart TV:

1. Screen Size: 

Many people often mistake choosing a wrong-size smart TV that doesn’t match their room size or décor. If you are also planning to buy a smart TV anytime soon, better be sure of the screen size.

Consider the size of your room and your family size to decide on the screen size of your smart TV. Usually, for a smaller room or a family of 3 to 4 members, a 32-inch smart TV makes the best choice. On the other hand, if you have a bigger room or a family of 5 to 7 members, invest in a bigger screen size.

2. Screen Technology: 

Once you’ve decided on which screen size to purchase, consider the screen technology that best suits your preferences, needs, and budget. OLED and QLED are cutting-edge display technologies used in high-end smart TVs. While they carry a premium price tag, they can significantly enhance your viewing experience.

Here’s a breakdown of their strengths:

  • OLED: excels at producing deep blacks, boasts wider viewing angles, and offers an infinite contrast ratio for exceptional image quality.
  • QLED: delivers incredibly vivid colors and superior brightness thanks to quantum dot technology, and boasts excellent durability.

1. Video Resolution: 

Video resolution is another important aspect to consider in smart TVs. Resolution can be simply understood as the number of rows and columns of pixels creating the display. The higher resolution of the TV accounts for better, clearer and livelier picture quality.

Full HD was mostly the common resolution in smart TVs; however, today, there are many options like 4K, 8K, etc. A 32-inch smart TV produces high and sharp images in Full HD (1080p) resolution. If you have a higher budget, you can choose 4K resolution (Ultra HD) for your smart TV to experience even better image quality.

2. Refresh Rate

This signifies the total number of times a smart TV refreshes its image per second and is measured in Hertz (Hz). Most TVs function with a refresh rate of 60 Hz; however, the latest smart TVs have a refresh rate of 120 Hz. You can evidently distinguish between the image quality and sharpness produced by a smart TV with a higher refresh rate.

A higher refresh rate means that more images will be refreshed per second ensuring better and smoother quality. Consider buying a 32 inch smart TV with a 120 Hz refresh rate; if not look for a minimum of 60 Hz refresh rate to enhance the viewing experience and reduce the motion blurriness.

3. Audio Quality: 

Besides the image and video quality, the smart TV should also deliver the best audio experience. Sound quality is equally important as the video or picture quality as a bad sound quality can ruin the overall experience.

While the built-in speakers are suitable for casual viewing, consider investing to enhance the overall audio experience. You can buy external speakers or soundbars to enjoy the improved sound quality. You also have other sound options like mono sound, Dolby sound, stereo sound, 5.1 sound, etc. that enhance the sound quality.

Mono sound is the basic sound where both speakers have the same sound; while a stereo sound separates the sound in the left and right speaker. Dolby Sound is perfect for multi-channel audio standards and is considered the best choice for the latest smart TVs.

4. Connectivity: 

The best smart TV is the one that offers multiple connectivity choices to successfully accommodate the other required devices. A smart TV with a higher number of connectivity ports allows more devices to get connected to your TV. 32-inch smart TV now comes with in-built Wi-Fi and Ethernet ports for smooth Internet connectivity.

Besides this, the smart TVs are also designed with HDMI CEC support to enable connectivity between different audio products. Many TVs also provide USB ports to easily connect various accessories that enhance the overall experience.

5. HDR Support: 

Many people aren’t aware of the benefit of HDR support when choosing smart TVs. An effective HDR support in your smart TV improves the contrast and colour accuracy, resulting in smooth and sharp image quality.

It also ensures that the picture quality is soothing to the viewers without any distortions or blurriness. Look for a 32-inch smart TV enabled with HDR support to enjoy lifelike visuals.

6. Brand: 

While you can get many average smart TVs from local names, it is highly recommended to choose a smart TV from a reputed brand. A well-known brand ensures delivering high quality and improved reliability to the buyers.

Choose between the big available brand names like LG, Samsung, Sony, Acer, Xiaomi, etc. are some of the popular brand names to buy a suitable smart TV.

7. Budget: 

Choosing a smart TV under a budget is one of the most challenging tasks. It is a big concern for buyers to find a smart TV that offers all the advanced features at an affordable price range.

To avoid overspending while selecting a smart TV, be sure to set a budget after prioritising the required features. Narrow your search for a smart TV that includes all your preferred features and needs while excluding unwanted ones.

Talking about the 32-inch smart TV, it is usually available at an affordable price range; however, the price can still vary depending upon the technology, brand, chosen features, etc.

8. Smart Features: 

Ensure that the selected smart TV supports all the advanced smart features without any hassles. It should allow access to streaming services, online apps, content, etc. Look for advanced features like voice control, screen monitoring, customised gaming connectivity, etc. to upgrade the overall experience.

Also, check if the chosen smart TV provides streaming services compatibility. It should support popular streaming services like Amazon Prime, Netflix, Disney + and others to double your entertainment.

9. Compare Reviews: 

Last but not least, read and compare the online reviews to choose the best smart TV among the various available models. The online reviews are beneficial to get detailed insights into the smart TV from its existing users.

You will get thorough guidance about the smart TV’s performance, reliability, functioning, usability and user experience. Ensure that the selected smart TV is worthy of buying and delivers great value for your money.


We hope you now have all the required important factors to consider while choosing your preferred smart TV. With these factors, you can easily find the perfect smart TV that delivers an enjoyable viewing experience without any worries.