The schedules of the tenants are tight especially when they have to move out. It is difficult for a tenant to maintain everything before the rental inspection but they can get help from Bond Cleaning Services Gold Coast. It is not impossible but a bit difficult to handle the demand of the landlord so far. There are techniques to make your task easier than you think. Bond cleaning is a must and we will discuss every bit of rental inspection and how to tackle the hidden areas where your landlord can reach.

What is a Rental inspection?

A rental inspection is done by the landlord or the owner to check the cleanliness and maintenance of the house to return the bond security amount to the tenant. Although there are four types of rental inspection, we are pointing towards bond cleaning inspection. Before the rental or the bond inspection is conducted, the tenant must ensure proper cleaning and maintenance of the house. This inspection will decide if they will get back the security amount or not. To ensure perfect bond cleaning, you can get help from End of Lease Cleaning Toowoomba. This inspection is not as scary as it seems but important as various things depend upon it.

What are the hidden areas landlord checks during an inspection?

A landlord will come to the rental inspection at the end of the tenancy period. There are various places that we may ignore but they come under inspection. Let us discuss briefly: Interior Areas:
  • General condition: The owner will inspect the overall condition of their property. They possess the right to do so according to the Rental Property Act. Make sure to keep the house in a well-maintained position. A general inspection will include checking if the walls, floors, and ceilings are in better condition. You must treat the mold as he/she will check if there is any unnecessary growth of the mold.
  • Safety hazards: Things that include safety hazards like electric wires must be taken care of properly. You must check if there are any loose wires to get fixed. You need to check this because if it was all right when you entered then it is your responsibility to handle it.
  • Appliances and fixtures: Appliances also need attention as they need to be cleaned the same way as they were in the beginning.
Exterior Areas: 
  • Yard and landscaping: If you have a yard in your rental property, you must ensure it’s crystal clear. Because bond inspection includes cleaning of yards as well. Clean grass and remove litter [if any], overgrown weeds, or broken fences.
  • Structural goodness: The main structure of the building means the overall look of the building is equally important. Check if there are any damages, like cracks in the walls or a leaky roof.
  • Common areas: The common areas include hallways, staircases, laundry rooms, kitchen, clean your bathroom, etc. that need to be kept safe and clean before the bond cleaning inspection.
Lease Compliance Check:
  • Rent payment: Inspection also includes the rent payment on time. It helps to build good relations with the landlord. They may keep the bond security if they find your rent is pending or something like that.
  • Pets: Before bringing up your pets at your rental property, you need to check the lease agreement. If they are allowed, you need to check what are the terms and conditions. Clean your house according to the owner’s demand.
  • Subletting: Subletting is not allowed everywhere, if it is allowed then you must obey the rules provided by the owners. For this reason, the landlord or property manager is permitted to verify that you only allow others to move in with their knowledge.

How to tackle cleaning hidden areas before bond cleaning inspection?

Check the agreement: The end of the lease agreement will contain all the information about what exactly the owner demands. Which areas they will scrutinize while on inspection, and how do they want it to be cleaned? Hire a professional: Sometimes, seeking professional help is fine when you can see the task isn’t that easy. We may miss some of the places but an expert is experienced enough to know what to check before finalizing the cleaning process. It will help you leave no hidden area to clean before bond cleaning.


To conclude, we have discussed a complete guide to rental inspection. In this, we have discussed what is the rental inspection, what are the places that come under this rental inspection, and how to avoid any place uncleaned. I hope this blog has helped you a lot in getting insights about the rental inspection.