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Why You Should Use Loot Filters In Last Epoch

Utilizing loot filters in Last Epoch is a game-changing strategy. This in-game feature empowers players to selectively tailor their item drops, providing a more efficient and focused loot acquisition experience. With all items dropping identified, loot filters become a versatile tool for filtering based on affix types, stat tiers, and other criteria.

As you delve into the Last Epoch world, the sheer volume of loot dropped by enemies can be overwhelming. This excess necessitates a strategic approach to item selection, emphasizing the importance of narrowing down drops to items with specific bases, affixes, or rarity types. The loot filter system becomes instrumental in achieving this precision.

A loot filter allows players to hide items that hold no value for their character while prominently highlighting items that align with their build requirements. For instance, players engaged in a lightning-focused build can create a loot filter specifically tailored to reveal only lightning-affiliated items, streamlining the loot collection process.

Creating A Loot Filter

Crafting a loot filter in Last Epoch is a straightforward process that can be entirely done within the game interface. Navigate to the “Settings” in the Escape menu and find the loot filter header under the “Interface” section. Click on “Manage Loot Filters” (or press Shift + F) to access the loot filter menu, providing options to import a community loot filter or create your own. Let’s walk through the process of creating a loot filter together.

In the absence of a loot filter, your screen can become cluttered with item names and rarity colors, making it challenging to discern valuable items. To address this, add a rule to your loot filter, initiating a menu with three key options:

  1. Condition: This defines what the loot filter will target, allowing sorting by affix, required class, level, rarity, and base type.
  2. Visibility: Determines whether the loot filter will show or hide specific items. The “recolor” option emphasizes certain items.
  3. Character Level Dependency: This rule activates within the specified character level range.

These rules offer flexibility, allowing dynamic toggling as you level up. For a leveling loot filter, use Character Level Dependency to set a level range for common items, ensuring it activates at Level 5, hiding them for the rest of your playthrough.

Effective Loot Filter Practices in Last Epoch

  1. Start with Exclusions: Begin your loot filter by excluding Normal, Magic, and Rare items. Set a Character Level Dependency from Level 5-999, keeping all items visible until Level 5.
  2. Color Code Crucial Affixes: Use distinctive colors for vital affixes to easily identify relevant item affixes on the ground.
  3. Emphasize without Rarity Override: If you prefer not to change the item’s rarity color, use the “Emphasize” tag to highlight the item’s name with capital letters.
  4. Diversify Affix Tags: Tag a variety of affixes compatible with your build, maintaining flexibility during progression.
  5. Dynamic Affix Hiding: Employ Character Level Dependency ranges to dynamically hide specific affixes as your character progresses.
  6. Use Advanced Options: Explore advanced options to add affix restrictions based on tiers, considering the potency of each stat.
  7. Regular Updates: Update your loot filter every ten levels, refining it to meet your character’s evolving needs.

Last Epoch distinguishes itself by allowing easy creation of personalized filters in minutes. While community loot filters are available for guidance, players can tailor filters to their preferences and requirements.


Last Epoch’s loot filter system offers a versatile tool for players to enhance their loot acquisition experience. Whether customizing filters for specific builds or adopting community templates, players can navigate the vast sea of items more efficiently, ensuring that each piece contributes meaningfully to their character’s progression.

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