A guide about Dubai life

Living in Dubai

Did you realize that Dubai is a city full of expats? Around 89 percent of the UAE’s population is comprised of expatriates, and Dubai is also home to more than 200 nationalities.

With various nations, you’re bound to find a place there, but relocating to a new place, particularly in a foreign country, isn’t straightforward. The more prepared you are, the more relaxed you will be to make the transition. To help you comprehend more about life in Dubai, we’ve collected the essential information you need to be aware of in this bustling city.

Daily Life in Dubai

Dubai’s all-year-round sunshine, sandy beaches, and top leisure amenities, like restaurants and clubs, make it an exciting and popular destination for many expats.

What languages are they speaking?

The most used language in the country is Arabic. The official language is Arabic. However, English is the most frequently used language, especially in trade, business, and tourism. There are road signage and signs with writing in both English and Arabic. However, the administration and affairs of the government are conducted mainly in Arabic. The laws and contracts of the government must be written in Arabic and, consequently, translated into English.

Some expatriates speak different languages, such as Bengali, Tamil, Hindu, Urdu, Malayalam, Chinese, and many more.

How secure is Dubai?

Dubai is a secure city with some of the lowest crime rates. In the Economist’s Securities Index, it ranks as the 35th most secure city in the world, classified as being on the “very safe” side of the index. Dubai is a highly secure place to work and reside.

Dubai is also home to the most advanced healthcare infrastructures around the world. Dubai has implemented a law that requires residents to have medical insurance. If you’d like to access healthcare from public hospitals, a health card is necessary, which you can obtain through the Department of Health and Medical Services. However, expatriates tend to prefer private health care since most of the staff are trained foreign expats with a good command of English.

Is living cost in Dubai is high?

Dubai’s expenses are primarily justified as a global city with many employment opportunities. As a city that is a popular destination for expats and a place where expats abound, it’s not expensive in comparison to what it costs. To learn more about the cost of living in Dubai, look at our site.

Is it challenging to find a long-term rental?

Dubai’s real estate market has had many rises and declines, but rents remain high. It’s common to pay for an entire year’s rent upfront, and this can be problematic for newcomers. Certain employers offer help and assistance, so you should inquire whether this assistance is available to help you find a home to stay.

Finding a temporary home initially could allow you to discover Dubai’s many residential areas. This method will enable you to find a location compatible with your needs and budget.

Is Dubai the ideal for raising kids?

If you’re moving with children, school is a significant concern for many. It’s good news that you don’t have many worries in Dubai. With abundant expats living in the city, international schools are increasing rapidly with high-quality instructors and a wide selection of top-quality subjects. In addition, there are 17 kinds of curriculums in Dubai from which to select, including those from the British IGCSE, Indian CBSE, International Baccalaureate, and more. More than 140 foreign schools are in Dubai and spread across the city. With expats being their primary population, you can expect your kids to be a part of the community, as most students are foreigners.

How modern is healthcare in Dubai?

Dubai has a top medical system regarded as one of the most modern worldwide. Health insurance coverage is required for residents of all ages, ensuring all citizens have access to medical facilities. Public hospitals provide a wide range of services, but a medical card is required to access them. The card is available by contacting the Department of Health and Medical Services.

Many expatriates choose private health care because of the highly trained, English-speaking foreign staff. For more information related to healthcare, visit this link to read our article on the costs of living in Dubai for expatriates.

Working in Dubai

If you’re seeking to start a business in Dubai know that this is one of the most prosperous cities around the globe, Dubai is undoubtedly one of the top options. The city is also one of the top world-class innovation and tech hubs, and the government is majorly investing in its development and promoting it for startups and companies alike.

Dubai hosts more than 2.7 million highly skilled professionals and attracts many them, most of whom are employed in the public sector.

The median pay per year for expats is approximately six figures, averaging $138,177. However, Dubai’s hiring cost is lower than that of other cities.

What’s a typical working day like?

Dubai’s working hours vary between 40 and 48, and office hours are generally from 9 to 6. However, during Ramadan, it is normal to work for about 6 hours. Like other countries, the weekend begins on a Saturday and concludes on a Sunday.

In terms of commute, taking an automobile is the most convenient method to travel around Dubai. Rush hour runs from 7-10 am and 4:30-7 pm. In addition to the rush time, traffic isn’t too tricky.

How do you usually travel to work?

It is easy, with most residents preferring to travel using an automobile. However, Dubai has a great public transportation system with well-equipped and easy-to-access options such as bus taxis, metros, and subways. For a breakdown of transport costs, check out our guide on the cost of living.

dubai metro

Can expats start a business in Dubai?

If you plan to begin a new company, Dubai is among the top alternatives. Dubai’s free zones offer entrepreneurs advantages such as zero income tax, 100% ownership, 100% repatriation of earnings, and numerous other benefits. Many ex-pats decide to set up their business in DMCC or in the surrounding free trade zones. It is dependent on the type of business.

The UAE government doesn’t charge any tax on individuals. If you are a tax resident in another country while making a living in Dubai and you are a tax resident elsewhere, you might be required to disclose your income and pay taxes on it. If, for instance, you intend to work and reside in Dubai over six months but remain a tax resident at home, then you can’t be exempted from paying tax obligations on income. However, if you relocate from Dubai for a prolonged duration and you are not from your home country for an entire tax year, you could be eligible to receive 100% free income tax.

How do you obtain an entry visa to work in Dubai?

Before moving to Dubai, you’ll need an entry license requiring a sponsor. Most expats request their employers to sponsor their permits. However, it is possible to be granted in a variety of ways, like residents of the family, a government organization, or even a hotel.

When you have arrived in the UAE, you can apply for a working permit and residency visa. The best way to secure employment is through the route of least resistance to get a residency Visa and a work permit quickly. You only need the proper documents to ensure your business can assist you with the above requirements, including paying visa costs.

Businesses that establish their operations in Dubai can obtain residence by obtaining an investment or employment visa, which is valid for three years. Visas for free zones are available through the Immigration Department (GDRAFA) without having to contact the Ministry of Labour, thus making the process quite simple. Knowing that those with this kind of visa won’t be permitted to work in free zones is vital.

Dubai in Summary

With a vibrant, diverse community that is open to all nationalities, there’s a reason Dubai is so crowded with expats. Dubai will become a melting pot of cultures for various nationalities who decide to live within the borders.

We’d be happy to assist you if you’d like to learn the details concerning Dubai life. We are Prospr, and we can provide you with all the services you’ll need when relocating and starting a new venture in the world’s most free zone. Contact us for a no-cost consultation to get more information about the lifestyle in Dubai.