A building survey report is a comprehensive document that assesses the condition of a property.


It’s conducted by a certified surveyor.


Both potential buyers and current owners are able to better understand the state of a property prior to finalizing decisions.


What’s Included


The report covers the entire property, from its structure to any potential faults, so:


  • Structural Appraisal
  • Dampness/Moisture Inspection
  • Roof and Chimneys
  • Interior and Exterior Wall Inspection
  • Energy Audit


Site Inspection and Structural Assessment


Surveyors inspect external features like:


  • walls
  • roofs
  • windows
  • doors


– to pinpoint any weaknesses.


They also check for moisture in floors, ceilings, and walls, as well as the functionality of electrical systems, heating, and plumbing.


Detailed Property Evaluation


Surveyors examine every aspect of the building, looking for cracks, water seepage, or signs of subsidence that could compromise the building’s safety.


Repair Recommendations


The report lists the repairs that need to be done and ranks them by how quickly they need to be done.


It shows possible problems, like a broken gutter that could cause bigger issues when it rains heavily.


Benefits of a Building Survey Report


  1. Thorough Inspection: It provides a detailed review of the property’s condition.


  1. Savings: Early detection of issues can prevent costly repairs later.


  1. Negotiating Leverage: Knowing the property’s issues can aid in negotiating a better deal.


  1. Legal Protection and Insurance Benefits: The report can inform legal strategies and satisfy insurance requirements.


Understanding Survey Findings


To make good use of the report, get to know the technical terms and figure out how serious any problems are.


For complicated issues, you should talk to experts, and for ongoing maintenance, you should plan regular inspections.


Survey Merchant’s Role


Survey Merchant puts you in touch with qualified surveyors who can do full building surveys.


Their reports are thorough and accurate, and they also provide other services such as energy performance certificates and valuations. Need a building survey? Contact us—we are committed to giving great customer service.