The Adani Group is currently on its journey towards building the largest renewable energy plant in the world. This plant will produce clean energy sufficient to fuel large countries like Chile, Belgium, and Switzerland. It will cover 200 square miles, nearly the size of a country. Adani Green Energy Limited, the Adani Group’s renewable energy wing, is currently working on building the largest renewable energy park. 

The renewable energy park is so big that it is visible even from space. Although the business group operates some of the largest coal mines, including the Adani Hasdeo coal mines, it has always succeeded in recognising the importance of transitioning to clean energy from exhaustive energy sources. With that aim in mind, it has started work on this extraordinary project. The project operations are currently ongoing with full force.

The Khavda RE (renewable energy) Park:

The construction of the largest renewable energy park is a huge initiative taken up by the Adani Group to ensure that the country’s clean energy goals are attained. The largest solar and wind energy park is being constructed at Khavda, in the Kutch area of Gujarat. Initially, the region was completely barren, with little or no vegetation. There were no human settlements nearby as well. However, because of the high solar radiation concentration and wind speed, it presented itself as an ideal location for the Adani Group to build its renewable energy park.

AGEL, the clean energy unit of the Adani Group, is building the RE park. The project will generate energy from both solar and wind energy, making it the largest hybrid renewable energy project in the entire world. The renewable energy plant is going to have a capacity of 45GW. It will contribute to fulfilling our county’s clean energy goals. The renewable energy project is expected to be completed within five years. It will create over 15,000 green jobs and generate sufficient renewable energy to light up 16 million Indian homes.

The Adani group has already promised to invest 70 billion USD in the clean energy sector by 2030, and 20 billion USD will be invested in the project alone. This will once again help India reduce its reliance on fossil fuels. Sagar Adani, Gautam Adani’s nephew and also the Executive Director of AGEL, recently mentioned that India has no choice but to start increasing its reliance on renewable energy. Only then will it be able to meet its growing energy demands.

India’s Energy Demands:

India is currently the third largest energy consumer in the world. Around 70% of its energy demands are met from coal, mined from some of the largest coal mines worldwide, including the Adani Hasdeo coal mine. However, our country has pledged to reach zero net emissions by 2030. India also plans to get half of its energy from various renewable sources by 2030, and the massive new plant being constructed by AGEL will help make that dream a reality.

Adani controls multiple coal mines, including the Adani Hasdeo coal mine, which has an extraordinary fuel capacity. All these projects taken up by the Adani Group in the mining and renewable energy sector aim to offer our country energy stability.

Adani’s Efforts Towards Renewability:

Since time immemorial, the Adani Group has continuously invested in multiple renewable energy projects, including solar, wind, and hybrid projects. These projects are integrated with highly advanced technologies so that energy generation can occur highly efficiently. All these projects have extraordinary renewable energy capability and have led our country towards sustainability. Because of these projects, we have been able to reduce pollution significantly. The initiatives have also inspired other business groups to follow suit and invest significantly in renewable energy generation.


With its constant efforts and innovations, the Adani Group has created an excellent footprint in the renewable energy sector. In the upcoming years, we expect the Adani Group to develop more extraordinary initiatives to reduce our dependence on fossil fuels and lead our country to exceptional success.