Specialists in internal medicine are known as internists like Dr. Nicholas Torgerson Florida. Adults can seek treatment for many conditions impacting many systems, including the respiratory and circulatory systems. The primary goal of an internist’s education is to ensure that their patients are healthy and able to recover from illness or reduce their chance of developing certain diseases. 

Internal Medicine: Starting with the Basics

The primary focus of internal medicine is the care of people. Whether providing short-term therapy or long-term prevention, doctors treat and diagnose various adult ailments. A physician is called an internist once they finish a residency program in internal medicine. Most internists opt to focus on a particular disease or body system. A cardiologist, for instance, would focus on problems with the heart, whereas an endocrinologist would address problems involving the glands that produce hormones. Accurate medical guidance is essential for illness prevention and normal treatment; an internist’s specialized expertise makes this possible. Patients may have to spend time and money seeing multiple internists depending on their condition. However, patients should respect the individualized attention they get from internists like Dr. Nicholas Torgerson Florida

Reasons to Visit an Internist 

See an internist in your area for these important reasons. 

Accurate and Precise Diagnosis 

General internists and subspecialists in gastrointestinal, immunology, or cardiology are the two main categories of internal medicine physicians. Seek the advice of a medical professional who focuses on your suspected illness. 

The extensive training of internists like Dr. Nicholas Torgerson Florida allows them to identify and treat various medical issues. Your primary care physician will refer you to a specialist if they think it’s necessary. 

Improving prognosis hinges on prompt diagnosis. Your best bet for a speedy and accurate diagnosis is to see your area’s top internal medicine specialist. You may rest assured that your doctor will have ample time to tailor a treatment plan specifically for you. 

Preventive Health Care Services 

Internists like Dr. Nicholas Torgerson Florida offer preventative health care services to their patients in addition to diagnosing and treating medical conditions. Because of this, they can play a role in preventing the escalation of any patient’s unique health problems. 

Because of their wealth of experience and education, they can design lifestyle-specific preventative care programs for their patients. 

A gastro specialist is a doctor who focuses on the digestive system (GI) and liver issues regarding diagnosis and treatment. 

Quality Communication 

To establish trust, communication is crucial. Integrity and candor are hallmarks of a good internist. They are very accommodating and will take the time to answer all your inquiries and handle your concerns. On top of that, they keep you informed and can put you in touch with other internists or specialists if you require further treatment. 

Skilled Care for Adults 

Internists like Dr. Nicholas Torgerson Florida know what they do regarding adult health issues, such as diagnosis, treatment, management, and prevention. An internist is the ideal choice for adult healthcare needs that do not include surgery. Specialists in complex adult illness have completed the necessary education and training. In addition to coordinating your treatment with other specialists as necessary, they can also recommend the top experts in the field, taking into account your preferred method of communication and the likelihood of a good fit. 

Internal medicine doctors often pursue medical subspecialties such as infectious diseases, cardiology, endocrinology, gastrointestinal, hematology/oncology, and others. Expert medical care for adults and older patients with a wide range of complex health issues is possible because of their extensive knowledge of adult disorders. 

Lifetime Access to Quality Treatment 

Your entire life can be cared for by an internist like Dr. Nicholas Torgerson Florida. Finding a new primary care physician is optional if you’ve already discovered the right one. 

A patient’s quality of life, ability to manage chronic illnesses, and access to potentially lifesaving treatments all improve when they see their internist frequently. In the case of type 2 diabetes, for instance, a personalized treatment plan can be devised by your internist that incorporates modifications to your food and way of life in addition to weight loss. If you work together, you may set attainable and practical goals. You will find the drive to improve your health when you have someone to lean on for encouragement. 


Internal medicine specialists like Dr. Nicholas Torgerson Florida have extensive training in collaborating with adult patients to create individualized treatment programs and promote the adoption of preventative health measures. If your risk for cardiovascular disease is high, your internist would likely recommend certain exercises to help you maintain a healthy heart.