Winner winner chicken dinner! The PUBG tagline is nothing new. It has been running for generations in the nerves of every chicken lover out there. However, Kentucky Fried Chicken has given wings to it by introducing a redefined form of chicken. The essence of crunchiness outside and juiciness inside has provided a new flavour to the world. However, today it has evolved to a far greater extent with several unique varieties in it. 


Coming to a smaller landscape, here we talk about some of the newest introductions by KFC in the IT city of Bangalore to eliminate your hunger and fatigue. Search for KFC near me, and here is what you will find. 


Chicken Chizza

When it comes to KFC, we generally picture crunchy chicken with a crisp from the outside and juiciness from the inside. But, have you heard about a chizza? A chizza is a combination of both people’s favourites. A mix of pizza with chicken is a surprisingly unique and escalating dish to savour during your leisure hours. Search for KFC near me and you will get to see some of the KFC classics like Chicken Chizza involving Crunchy chicken topped with cheese, spicy sauce, veggies & herbs. These are like your own no-crust pizza! Also, you can explore the combinations of Chicken Chizza & Wings Meal, Duo Chicken Chizza, Chicken Chizza & Pepsi Combo, and more. Order your combos easily. 

Rice Bowlz

Kentucky Fried chicken never fails to surprise you, no matter if it is the bucket or rice. Each of these tastes vastly delicious. Head online and search for KFC near me and get to know the rice world more closely. Here you get Plain Rice Bowlz, Popcorn Chicken Rice Bowlz & Wings Meal, Veg Rice Bowlz, Popcorn Chicken Rice Bowlz, Smoky Red Chicken Rice Bowlz, Classic Chicken Rice Bowlz, and Duo Popcorn Chicken Rice Bowlz with gravy. Get a delicious Chicken Dinner with these bowls available online. 


Well Burgers at KFC is the one chickeny treat to satiate your taste buds and fulfil your hunger. However, the burger meal houses both veg and non-veg options. The mince of spices, herbs, and crunchiness in the patty is accompanied by sauces, cheese and a soft bun. All in all, the burger world is full of flavours with options of Duo Popcorn Chicken Rice Bowlz, Zinger Pro Burger & Popcorn Meal, Spicy Zinger Burger and Chicken Meal, Zinger Pro Burger, Veg Zinger Burger with Cheese, and others. With burgers, you also get whole meals to not just make burgers a snack but a whole dinner. 

Peri Peri Chicken Strips

Whether you are planning some mild food for the night or need some spiciness in your bowl of chicken, you will always find peri-peri chicken by your side. Made from the apt amount of salt, some extra garlic powder, and the tenderness of coriander with dried oregano, peri-peri spice has become the recent favourite of all. To relish the essence of it, you can search straight for KFC near me and order Peri Peri 10 Pc Chicken Strips & 2 Dips, or Peri Peri Chicken Leg Piece, or chicken wings. Savour these with unique dips and enjoy a moment of the modern chicken era. 

Chicken Rolls

Colonel Harland Sanders knew beforehand how to make KFC unique. However, since then till today, the true KFC USP has not been forgotten. You will spot this in the chicken roll as well. Here, you will find the KFC special Classic Chicken roll made with chicken strip filling, layerful parantha onions, and two spicy sauces. This is further available with multiple kinds of combos like Double Chicken Roll Meal for 2, Classic Chicken Roll Meal for 2, 2 Double Chicken Rolls, Double Chicken Roll & Pepsi Combo, etc. There are servings for one, two, or more. 

Hot & Crispy Chicken Wings

You will not ask for any more spiciness when you try the chicken wings from KFC. Search for KFC near me and get a range full of spiciness and flavours delivered straight to your home. The menu offers the signature KFC wings and spicy wings offered in multiple varieties. Signature Hot & crispy chicken, Seasoned, signature KFC chicken wings, and seasoned crispy chicken are among the authentic chicken delectables you would want to try. 

Boneless Chicken Popcorn

Popcorn is a must when watching a movie. How about chicken popcorn to enhance its beauty? For this KFC brings you the super delicious pops of chicken that you will not get over with. So, head online and search for KFC near me to explore the culinary favourites of Signature bite-sized boneless chicken, with special spices. You will find these in all sizes medium, small, and large, giving you a heavenly escape to the world of movies. Order online from Swiggy and let it arrive on time before the movie starts. 

Grilled Smoky Red Chicken

No chicken lover can ever say no to the spicy red chicken. After all, red chicken takes you on a helluva ride of flavours. Be it tandoori chicken or be it the one by KFC, it is all a must-have when planning a chicken party. For this, one of the tries is Smoky Red Grilled Chicken with the juiciness inside out. However, this is fun only when you have it hot. So, order this from Swiggy to get this exciting delicacy delivered to you in the least time. 

Bucket Meal For All

Well, chicken is not just food; it can create bonds between people and encourage them to sit together and enjoy a great meal. This is why KFC has a section of buckets for two people to four people. Chicken Bucket for Two, Chicken Krisper Burger Combo, Chicken Mingles Bucket Meal, etc., are the buckets for two. Also, four people can enjoy as well with All in One Chicken Bucket, Stay Home Chicken Bucket, Big 12 – Chicken Bucket, etc. Head online to explore the insiders of these buckets. 


These are some of the newest introductions at KFC that you have to try. To order these, head online to Swiggy and search for KFC near me. The closest location will come to you with all the drooling food options. Order and enjoy when being at home.


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