Alessandro Noceti, a seasoned finance professional, has decades of experience in the credit and equity sectors. He currently holds the positions of Director at Valeur Capital Ltd and Valeur Securities SA, as well as Distribution Manager for Valeur Group. Noceti’s path is marked by a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, a Master’s degree in European Business Studies and an MBA from prestigious institutions. His professional journey began in 2008 at Credit Suisse International, where he held roles and achieved significant results that shaped his extraordinary career.

Alessandro Noceti

Alessandro Noceti: from academic excellence to financial leadership

In the dynamic and complex world of finance, Alessandro Noceti has distinguished himself through a series of educational and professional experiences in international contexts, accumulating a decade of experience in the credit and equity sectors. He currently serves as Director of both Valeur Capital Ltd and Valeur Securities SA, as well as holding the important responsibility of Distribution Manager of Valeur Group. Director Alessandro Noceti’s academic foundation began with a degree in Economics from the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia. However, his insatiable thirst for knowledge and excellence later led him to broaden his horizons. He continued his studies in Finance, earning a Master’s degree in European Business Studies in 2007 from the ESCP-EAP European School of Management, with offices in London and Turin. His active involvement as a Member of the BDE Committee during his time at this prestigious international institution demonstrated not only his excellent academic skills but also his commitment to collaborative initiatives. Starting from this background, he further consolidated his academic credentials by completing a Master of Business Administration at ESCP Europe in London in 2018. Alessandro Noceti’s career path began in 2008, when he joined Credit Suisse International in London as an analyst for Investment Banking – Equity and Fixed Income Derivatives Sales. This marked the beginning of a remarkable trajectory that has seen him rise through the ranks within the Swiss Group.

Alessandro Noceti’s journey from Credit Suisse to Valeur Group leadership

From Associate with responsibilities in commercial coverage of Italian retail and institutional clients from 2010 to 2011, Alessandro Noceti assumed the role of Vice President in January 2012. During this tenure, his success extended to the effective management of the Italian Real Money sector. His highest achievement within Credit Suisse came in 2015 with his appointment as Director, where he assumed responsibility for commercial coverage of the Italian pension fund cluster. In search of new challenges and professional growth, he has embarked on a new important chapter within Valeur Group, an international company specializing in asset management, advisory, risk management, trading, and real estate. His extensive experience in the credit and equity sectors led him in 2015 to become a director of Valeur Capital Ltd (London), a key player within the Group providing asset management and investment solutions. Since 2019, he has replicated this success as Director of Valeur Securities Ltd (Switzerland), an efficient trading platform with broad market access. In addition to these roles, Alessandro Noceti continues to contribute significantly to the Valeur Group as Head of Distribution. His linguistic versatility is noteworthy, being a native speaker of both Italian and English, with fluency in Spanish. His multifaceted path not only reflects his commitment to academic and professional excellence, but also underscores his ongoing quest for challenge and growth in the ever-changing landscape of finance. As he continues to make strides, Alessandro Noceti is a testament to the power of education, dedication, and adaptability in the world of global finance.