Most people do not wish to go for bladder infection treatment in Kolkata. They think it’s embarrassing and resort to home remedies to get it treated. However, while it’s true that home remedies can certainly cure the problem, without proper medical attention, things can go downhill. Many times, a neglected infection resulted in people seeking bladder cancer treatment in Kolkata. That’s the reason why we have curated the major signs and symptoms that you should not ignore.

Understanding the causes of bladder infection is the foremost step

A better understanding of this health condition is crucial for timely treatment and cure as soon as possible to get relief from the suffering. Early recognition and diagnosis allow the urologist doctors in Kolkata to help with the treatment and prevent it from spreading and taking a magnified version.


Bladder infection can occur in an individual when the bacteria inserts the urethra and shifts into the bladder. There are several aspects, such as a weak immune system, urine flow abnormalities, and sexual activities, all of which can escalate the infection and increase the discomfort.

Risk factors:

There is no specific gender that cannot be affected by a bladder infection; however, women are more likely to get the infection due to the smaller distance between the urine tract and the rectum. Additionally, there are supplementary risk elements, which include an overdose of birth control, a shift in urinary habits, pregnancy, menopause, sexual intercourse, and more.


There can be various symptoms of bladder infection that can cause discomfort and disrupt the balance of urination during the day.

  • A sense of burning during urination
  • Frequent urge to urinate, even for smaller amounts
  • Presence of blood during urination
  • Sudden cramps in the lower abdomen
  • Frequent fevers and chills

When should I seek medical help from a urologist?

Immediate consultation with the best available urologist in Kolkata can provide you with insight into the actual causes and treatment of bladder infections. Medical evaluation by an expert urologist is foremost for the recognition of the health condition of the patient, inquiring about the symptoms, and asking for laboratory tests. Mostly, the doctors ask for the urine culture for the patients to understand and understand the bacteria for proper treatment of bladder infection. A urine culture is recommended for patients who experience repeat infections, burning sensations, and symptoms not related to the bladder infection.

Prevention measures:

If an individual gets infected by a bladder infection, the best way to get adequate information is from the best urologist in Kolkata. However, adequate intake of water during the day is crucial for flushing out the bacteria through urine, reducing the risk of further infection problems. Practising an extreme hygiene regime before and after using the toilet is necessary to reduce the chances of getting the infection. Another way of preventing the chances of getting an infection is by not holding urine in the bladder for a longer time. These tiny lifestyle shifts may prevent getting the bladder infection in the future.

bladder infection treatment in Kolkata - Dr. Shashanka Dhanuka

What are the effective treatments provided by the urologist expert?

For patients who don’t suffer from severe infection issues, urologists treat them with a minimal course of antibiotics with some habit shifts. However, in severe cases, doctors implement various approaches to treatment for bladder infections in Kolkata. Here are some more steps that are employed by the doctors to cure the patients:

Explicit diagnosis: The first step to getting accurate results on the bladder infection and treatment is to ask the patient to do a urine culture. This provides the actual condition of the tract that needs to be treated.

Prescription of high-dose antibiotics: This step is based on the result of a urine culture and prescribes high- or low-dose pain relievers to eliminate the infection.

Check on medical history: Attuning the family medical history of the patient becomes predominant if the patient is getting affected by bladder infection frequently. Optimising the medical history and prescribing medication accordingly is one of the best steps taken by doctors while treating bladder infections in Kolkata.

Fluid consumption guidelines: Often patients with bladder infections skip the step of keeping the body hydrated; hence, the doctors advise an increased amount of water intake to flush out the bacteria, reducing the pain and further chances of getting infected.

Regular monitoring and follow-ups: Consistent checkups enable the doctors to understand the progress of the bladder infection treatment, adjusting the medications according to the condition of the patient.


Treatment of bladder infections demands proper medical attention from the best urologist, proper medication, and some adjustments to the habits of life. If the signs prompt worse, then visit a renowned Urologist in Kolkata to relieve yourself from this pain and discomfort.