ASCs do not need patients to be admitted at the hospital for surgeries. Though this process is famous for being both cost and time-effective, some loopholes were detected. Hence, some guidelines were given to be strictly followed by the ASC anesthesia services to avoid any mishaps.

This article will state the guidelines given by the American Society of Anesthesiologists. Scroll down for more information.

  • A licensed physician or a certified anesthesiologist must be present while the patient is being treated under anesthesia care till their discharge.
  • The facility must have a reliable source of oxygen, suction, emergency drugs, and similar other essential needs. Without these, the facility cannot continue to run its services.
  • They must be properly licensed and accredited by state licensure, CMS, etc. Without proper authorization, the facility will be considered illegal.
  • Each facility must have a governing body that ensures that all guidelines are followed and ensures the appropriate operational flow.
  • Next, they need to make sure that the contracted services are authentic and reliable. Moreover, the governing body needs to take full responsibility in case of any accidents.
  • The facility must be ready to deal with any critical conditions. They should be well equipped with machines and professionals. Moreover, they should be able to provide immediate transfer of patients in necessary situations.
  • They must have a disaster handling plan and should update it annually.
  • The staff should be sufficient in number and skilled enough to perform their duties with proper accuracy and efficiency.


The hospital anesthesia services must follow all the guidelines stated to ensure an effective operational flow. If your facility fails to abide by the rules, you, as the owner, might be penalized.

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