The invention of the automatic machine has given us back countless hours in our lives that would have otherwise been spent hand-washing laundry. Prior to electric and self-cleaning washing machines entering households, doing a single load of laundry could consume an entire day for the average homemaker. From transporting water for soaking and rinsing to scrubbing clothes manually to wringing them dry and hanging the wash, it would dominate daylight.

It’s hard to imagine life today without the modern conveniences of automatic washing machine that handle our washing needs, but laundry has sometimes been more complex. For most of human history, laundry was done by hand in rivers or using washboards. The process involved:

Hours of back-breaking scrubbing

Lugging buckets of water

Tending to fires and boilers for hot water

It was gruelling work!

Reason of buying a washing machine

A fully automatic machine guarantees that very little human interaction is needed throughout the whole washing process. It contains a single tub for drying and washing. To wash, rinse, or move clothing from the wash tub to the dry tub, no water needs to be added. This greatly streamlines the current task.

It can be difficult to choose which of the many features that come with an automated washing machine—such as quick wash, wash programmes, protective rat mesh, child lock, hot wash/temperature control, digital display, etc.—are more crucial or important.

Advantages of using this

Having a washing machine save you the headache of doing your own laundry. It goes without saying that the greatest fully automatic washing machine offers the ideal experience. Just load the clothing, pour in the detergent or liquid soap, adjust the parameters, and press the start button.

Saves time and effort:

By saving time and effort, an automatic washing machine simplifies life. It completes the process so you may concentrate on other things.

Boosts cleaning effectiveness:

One important advantage is that it boosts cleaning effectiveness. Modern technology makes sure your clothing is perfectly clean.

Water conservation is another excellent feature of this machine. The precise amount required to wash garments is used, preserving this valuable resource.

Provides a range of washing programmes: It has a range of washing programmes to accommodate different fabric kinds and degrees of grime, making sure your clothing get the best treatment possible.

Minimises physical labour: By doing away with the need to hand wash or wring out clothing, it drastically minimises manual labour. Laundry becomes less physically taxing as a result.

The Computerization Revolution

On-board computers also enabled programming features that took human guesswork from doing laundry. Clothes types, load sizes, and soil levels could all be entered to select ideal settings automatically. Delicate fabrics like silks and wools were better protected with this tech-fuelled laundry wisdom.


Some futurists even foresee a time when self-dispensing laundry pods, robotic foldings, and putaways may enter our cleaner and fresher clothes horizon. But until then, we can appreciate how far home laundry has already advanced from its humble scrubboard origins thanks to two centuries of washing technology achievements. Our clean clothes may not fly themselves into dresser drawers yet, but we can be grateful that washers shoulder so much of the hard work!