Solis tractors are popular in Indian agriculture due to their reliability, performance, and affordability. Solis Tractor in India manufactures tractors under International Tractors Limited (ITL) and Sonalika.

Solis Tractor comes with a vision to provide new, innovative, and technologically advanced farming solutions. Solis tractors come with robust engineering with new features to cater to Indian farming needs, which is why Solis tractors have quickly gained popularity among farmers across the country.

Solis tractors have a range of features in their tractors to enhance productivity with ease of control. These tractors have powerful engines for powerful performance, reliable gear system for smooth gear shifts during tasks, ergonomic designs and adjustable seats for comfort during long hours of tasks, and advanced hydraulic systems for handling various agricultural tasks.

Key point of the Solis tractors to buy-

  • Solis tractor are value for money tractors. The Solis tractors price starts from INR 5.35 lakhs and varies according to the models, features, and location of the dealers.
  • Solis tractors are equipped with performance-oriented engines in all tractor models, even those of any size.
  • Solis offers Japanese technology in its tractors, which are advanced in terms of engine, hydraulics, design, and build quality.
  • Solis tractors are available in 4 Wheel Drive and 2Wheel Drive options.
  • Solis tractor has a heavy lifting capacity, advanced PTO, reliable and smooth multispeed gearbox, and ADDC control system for handling a range of implements.
  • Solis tractor offers digital instrument cluster, power steering, mobile chargers, powerful headlamps, OIB brakes, and one piece bonnets.
  • Models like the Solis 5015 E, Solis 2516 SN, Solis 4215 E, Solis 4515 E and Solis 6024 S are particularly popular for their performance by farmers.

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