In biology, DNA is a crucial component that acts as a blueprint for defining an organism’s traits and characteristics. This genetic material, present in most living organisms, holds the key to understanding the physical attributes of an individual, such as eye color, hair texture, and facial features. Moreover, DNA is passed down from generation to generation, forming the basis of DNA tests that can establish biological relationships with remarkable accuracy and dependability. The advent of DNA testing in India has revolutionized the way we understand biological relationships, providing a powerful genetic tool to unravel complex family histories. This test can also be used in legal cases such as property disputes, child custody, or support cases where the biological relationship is a critical factor. With its unparalleled precision and reliability, DNA testing has become an indispensable tool in modern biology and genetics.


Types of DNA Testing

Following are the different types of DNA test services:

  • Biological Relationships: A DNA test confirms biological relationships between individuals, like maternity, paternity, siblingship, etc. Moreover, DNA tests in India provide conclusive proof of genetic relationships.
  • Forensic Identification:DNA testing is also used for forensics investigations to identify suspects or evidence at a crime scene. It has become a highly dependable and standard tool for solving crimes.
  • Ancestry and Genealogy: DNA tests in India can trace one’s genetic ancestry, helping people discover their origins, migration patterns, and genetic lineage.
  • Medical and Health:In healthcare, DNA tests assess genetic susceptibility to certain diseases, guide individualized treatment plans, and help in preventative healthcare and early disease detection.
  • Cell Line Authentication: Cell line authentication is essential for various fields, such as biotechnological studies, pharmaceutical research, etc. It identifies errors such as misidentification, cross-contamination, & genetic drift.

Sample Collection Process

Our sample collection process is simple, easy, and convenient. We prefer buccal swab samples for DNA testing. Buccal swabs are rubbed inside the wall of the cheeks, and this process is repeated on both sides of the cheeks. Buccal swabs have a longer shelf life and can be stored for up to two weeks.

Moreover, you can also opt for a home collection option. If you opt for this method, one of our sample collection representatives will visit your preferred address to collect the DNA samples. You can also order the DNA test kit online if you want to collect your samples themselves.

Once both DNA samples are collected, they are packed in tempered-proof packages. After getting both samples, the accredited testing lab analyzed them and granted an accurate test report.

Why Choose Us for Accurate DNA Tests in India?

DNA Forensics Laboratory Pvt. Ltd. is one of India’s most reputable and trusted DNA testing companies. We offer the best-class services for various types of DNA tests in India and worldwide at competitive prices.

As the sole private company in India that provides legal DNA tests to honorable courts of law, we take pride in our services. With more than 400 collection centers locally and globally, we offer convenient access to DNA testing for anyone seeking accurate and reliable results.

We provide the DNA testing report for peace of mind cases in 4-5 working days. The immigration DNA test report is sent in 8-10 business days. Subject to T&C, test reports can be received the same day or the next day.

For further information about DNA Tests in India or to fix an appointment, call us at +91 8010177771 or WhatsApp at +91 9213177771.