When it comes to kitchen designs, the cabinetry takes the center stage. Every designer will tell you aesthetics, functionality, and practicality of a kitchen design have much to do with its cabinet.

And rightfully so, kitchen cabinets take the major share of the budget. Hence, homeowners find it limiting to design their kitchens the way they want with traditional custom-made cabinets.

Modern manufacturing technology enables homeowners to remodel or design their kitchens without breaking the bank. RTA kitchen cabinets, which are sturdy, functional, practical, and stunningly beautiful, have provided homeowners with a budget-friendly design solution.

Here, we will discuss RTA kitchen cabinets and why it is worth every penny of your investment.

What Are RTA Kitchen Cabinets?

RTA means “Ready-To-Assemble”. Fundamentally, these cabinets are unassembled or unassorted. They are shipped in a flat consignment with various parts, including cabinet panels, doors, and other accessories like knobs, nuts, bolts, and glues, all put together to meet your specific needs.

Once they arrive, you are required to unpack them and assemble the parts to make your kitchen cabinet ready for use.

The installation instructions are available either in a video or text and are sent along with the shipment. Unlike traditional cabinets where professionals install them in your kitchen, RTA kitchen cabinets can be assembled and installed by anyone.

Why Are RTA Kitchen Cabinets Becoming People’s Favorite?

From being budget-friendly and versatile to functional in every aspect of your home, these cabinets have some intrinsic qualities that make them attractive.

  1. Budget-friendly And Flexible Price Points

RTA cabinets are available at various prices and are more economical than their traditional custom-built counterparts. That means you can get your cabinets within your budget.

Cabinet makers manufacture these cabinets with modern technology, making them more affordable than on-site manufacturers. Additionally, the labor cost of assembling and installing these cabinets is eliminated.

Since the components of RTA cabinets can be packed in a compact package, they consume less shipment space than traditional cabinets. As a result, the shipping costs for these cabinets were reduced dramatically.

  1. High Quality, Sturdy, and Durable

The fact that RTA kitchen cabinets are budget-friendly does not mean they are inferior quality. There are highly premium quality RTA cabinets available in the market.

From premium hardwood to ply, the components of a ready-to-assemble kitchen cabinet are made from various materials.

They can be sturdy and durable, withstanding the test of time, with some cabinet types lasting for years easily. High-quality RTA cabinets can handle heavy weights and countertops with ease.

If you are searching for one, you should look for some specifications to ensure the furniture is indeed premium quality.


  • High-quality hardwood or furniture-grade plywood material
  • Solid wood frames with brushed or hand-wiped finish
  • Premium quality wooden drawers and full-extension drawer sliding panels
  • Fine woodworking carpentry with dovetail joints, or pocket-screw joinery
  1. Unmatched Flexibility

If you do not like a certain part of the cabinet or need to get it changed, you will have to change the entire cabinet if it is pre-assembled.

Whereas, since RTA kitchen cabinets come in different parts, if you do not like one part, or you want a different color, type, or design for that particular part, you get the liberty of changing them.

With RTA cabinetries you get to combine different cabinet colors, and custom accessories such as handles, knobs, pull-drawers, etc. With this flexibility, your ambition to shape your kitchen cabinets the way you want is enhanced.

  1. Efficient Storage

A kitchen cabinetry is known for its storage efficiency. Modern designs enable RTA cabinets to incorporate smart storage system options in the cabinet design.

Flat panels and doors, pull-out trays, and built-in drawers are some of the modern storage components an RTA cabinetry can easily accommodate.

These options give homeowners a lot of flexibility in choosing the best storage option for their cooking space.

  1. Quick Delivery And Convenient

Since the components of RTA cabinets are made in factories, they are made in bulk. Most cabinetmakers will have a lot of cabinets in their warehouses waiting to be delivered.

This means you do not have to wait for too long to get your cabinet delivered.

What is more convenient is that, if you order online, you do not have to leave your house either. Your RTA kitchen cabinet will arrive straight to your doorstep.

With RTA Kitchen Cabinets, Styling Your Kitchen Is Within Budget

When you think of a stylish and posh kitchen, you get the idea of a heavy price tag. That’s no more the case with RTA kitchen cabinets.

These cabinets make your kitchen look as stylish and sophisticated as would any traditional kitchen cabinet.

What more? They are pocket-friendly and offer a variety of design styles, colors, shapes, and materials to choose from.

Whether you are a DIY enthusiast or not, assembling and installing a ready-to-assemble cabinet is easy, with most tools and instructions available from the cabinetmaker. Additionally, you have to opt to get them installed by someone else, if you prefer so.

So go ahead and build your cooking haven with RTA kitchen cabinets.