Ather 450X Price

The Ather 450X electric scooter has two versions. One version has a smaller battery of 2.9kWh and costs Rs 1,54,999. The other version has a bigger battery of 3.7kWh and is priced at Rs 1,40,599. These prices are for buying directly from the showroom in Bengaluru.

Ather 450X Motor and Battery

The Ather 450X scooter has a motor that can make it go fast! It can give a steady power of 3kW and a super-powerful burst of 6.4kW. It’s got enough torque to get you moving, with 26Nm. And it claims it can zoom up to 90kmph.


Now, about its batteries. You have two options: one with a 3.7kWh battery and another with a 2.9kWh battery. The 3.7kWh one says it can take you as far as 146km on one charge. The smaller 2.9kWh battery promises a trip of 111km. But here’s the catch: charging them takes different times. The bigger battery needs about 5 hours and 45 minutes to fully charge, while the smaller one takes about 8 hours and 36 minutes.

Ather 450X Features

The Ather 450X scooter has a cool 7-inch touchscreen that’s really tough, rated IP65 for durability. It runs on a powerful processor and has 2GB of RAM and 16GB of storage. It uses an operating system called AOSP, which is based on Android.


If you want even more cool features, you can get the Pro Pack add-on. This adds things like a colorful screen that adjusts its brightness, 4G LTE for internet, Bluetooth for phone alerts and music control, and Google Maps for navigation. You can also customize it with different themes and a night mode. Plus, it has handy features like auto-turn-off blinkers, a light to guide you home, storage for documents, tracking your scooter’s location, planning trips, fast charging, automatic software updates, and a feature that helps you on hills. There are five different modes for riding: Eco, SmartEco, Ride, Sport, and Wrap, so you can choose how you want to ride.


If you want, you can also get a tire pressure monitoring system as an extra accessory for Rs 4,999.


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