Golden showering refers to an activity which involves urinating on your partner during sexual interactions. Though this type of play may be risky, only do it with people you are secure doing it with. The Whizzinator is a gadget that aids people in clearing urine testing for drug use. The Whizzinator resembles a dildo due to its form and incorporating an opening in which it is possible to test urine in a clean manner the device, it has been utilized by minimum-wage cashiers as well as ex- NFL players.


This Whizzinator kit comes with the lab’s finest gold’n-shower dehydrated urine that is designed to mimic the human urine on account of chemicals, particular gravity, and the pH level – and even its smell! The calibration professionals at laboratories often use the product as a control sample when calibrating equipment or conducting education demonstrations with fake urine to test the accuracy of.

This non-toxic, odorless formula contains no chemical or drugs and has an effective shelf-life of one year. It is recommended to open the package only when ready to use as being open can lead to the powder in it to absorb moisture and turn sticky over time, leading to eventual sloughing off and eventual clumping into a clump.

Once open, pour fake urine into the Whizzinator, fasten it around your waist and then pump until you can urinate as normal. You can use the Whizzinator to increase the warmth of your urine output as attempts to cheat on during a drug test that is coming up or even as a opportunity to fool your friends. Heating pads make sure it is easy for urine to flow freely throughout its coils, an important feature when simulating real urine flow. It’s an invaluable tool for those trying to skip drug tests or just want to have a good time at events!

The urination machine that can be refilled is easy to set up, requires no batteries or other power sources, and is supplied with refillable bottles urine to make it easy for you to urinate. This set contains an adjustable prosthetic, with the size of a reservoir that is 4 oz., a vial of lab grade sterilized Gold’n Shower synthetic urine designed to mimic human urine exactly in terms of its composition scent, color, as well as its specific gravity. There are also two 8-hour heat pads (for 16 total hours of heat), temperature indicator and thorough instructions. The Whizzinator comes in five skin colors and includes synthetic urine that’s free from all toxins. This makes it perfect for both pranks and private use. You must adhere to the local rules when using this gadget, such as be sure to only use it in private settings as opposed to public locations. If you’re curious about FAKE PEE, the link is an excellent place to begin your research.


Alternative Lifestyle Systems’ Whizzinator device is still being used to cheat urine tests, however, it’s not the sole method. According to their spokesperson, it has been reported that individuals had used a variety of strategies other than simply the Whizzinator to clear urine tests. This includes mixing fake urine to real samples, and mixing both real and synthetic urine.

The latest version of the real Whizzinator comes equipped with an on/off switch above the prosthetic. It is turned one way to start flow, and then turned reverse for it to cease. In addition, the kit has an 8oz reservoir that is housed in its pouch of insulation, one vial of Gold’n Shower dehydrated synthetic urine specially designed to imitate human urine’s color, scent, specific gravity and specific volume.

It also comes with two eight hour thermometers, two heat pads and an extensive set of instructions. The link provides a wealth of details about synthetic urine for sale, so don’t leave out!