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“AV Access 4KIP200M 4K HDMI over IP decoder can work with 4KIP200 series encoders to display up to 4 different sources on a single screen, with 4 different layout modes. It is ideal for wide applications like a sports bar, restaurant, shopping mall, etc.”

AV Access recently announced the addition of the 4KIP200M 4K HDMI over IP multiview decoder to the company’s AV over IP portfolio. It can work with AV Access 4KIP200E/4KIP204E encoders to display up to 4 video sources on a single screen with different layouts, ideal for sports bars, shopping malls, houses of worship, casinos, etc.

4 Different Layouts, Flexible Viewing Experience

The 4KIP200M 4K multiview processor supports 4 layout modes, including single view, picture-in-picture, vertical triple view, and quad view. When in auto switching mode, it can automatically select a layout mode for an optimal view, based on the number of encoders in the same network. Users can also manually select one layout mode with the front layout selection button or the “VDirector” control App.

“Among the 4 layout modes, the unique vertical triple view mode is quite useful for vertical screen installation scenarios, like digital signage, advertising and sports games,” explained Bill Liao, CTO of AV Access.

AV Access 4KIP200M Multiview-Processor with Quad View_4 Different Layouts

Plug-n-Play & Budget-Friendly Solution

Like other 4KIP200 series encoders/decoders of the same category, the 4KIP200M multiview decoder can work flawlessly with universal managed and unmanaged Ethernet switches on the market. Users don’t need to configure IGMP to build an IP matrix. They can effortlessly complete installation, even if they were not exposed to any IP knowledge before.

AV Access 4KIP200M Multiview-Processor with Quad View_Innovative HDMI over IP Decoder with Multiviewing

What’s more, with the intuitive and user-friendly “VDirector” App, users can build a distributed IP matrix with video walls, just on their palms.

“With its integrated design, 4KIP200M can greatly simplify your installation and save more space. Compared with 4x 4KIP200D decoders, it also saves you more cost. Now 4KIP200M AV over IP decoder is only priced at $629.30 on our official site, with a 30% discount for pre-sale. It is a must-have for displaying multiple sources on a single screen in your sports bar,” added Bill.

About AV Access

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