“AV Access 4KIPJ200 KVM over IP solution enables users to build a scalable 4K@60Hz IP KVM matrix with video walls up to 16×16. Data center operators can control remote PCs/servers with ultra low latency (4ms), and perform fast and seamless switching within 1s.”

AV Access, a leading provider of Pro AV and AV over IP solutions, is excited to introduce the revolutionary 4KIPJ200 KVM over IP solution, the upgraded KVM version of its best-selling 4KIP200 model. With unlimited scalability, ultra low latency, advanced keyboard/mouse roaming, video wall capability, and other exceptional features, 4KIPJ200 is the ultimate solution for command and control centers.

Low-Latency IP KVM Matrix over 1G

By connecting the 4KIPJ200 HDMI encoders and decoders via a Gigabit switch, users can build a scalable and flexible KVM over IP matrix with video walls up to 16×16. Its ultra-low latency (less than 4ms) performance is perfect for critical applications such as military control centers, broadcast stations, and university campuses, ensuring real-time control and seamless operation.

“Our new 4KIPJ200 AV over IP solution sets a new standard for the industry with its low latency and fast seamless switching features. It enables data centers to control remote PCs/servers with ease,” stated Bill Liao, CTO of AV Access.

Cutting-Edge Keyboard/Mouse Roaming Function

The 4KIPJ200 KVM over IP solution allows users to control up to 17 PCs with a single set of keyboard and mouse for fast and convenient operation. Simply move the cursor across screens, tap the keyboard button to access the built-in OSD menu, and users can easily distribute any sources to any displays.

Besides, with the powerful HDIP-IPC control box, configuring and managing the KVM matrix system is a breeze. The user-friendly web GUI and visual control software offers intuitive navigation and quick operation, allowing users to switch sources and displays with ease. Also, 4KIPJ200 is compatible with third-party control systems, offering versatility and seamless integration into existing setups.

“Now during the product’s pre-sale period, our partner clients can enjoy an exclusive 30% discount for the 4KIPJ200 HDMI encoder/decoder and the HDIP-IPC controller. It’s time to upgrade your AV system with our new KVM over IP technology at a reduced price,” concluded Bill.