Artificial intelligence is the next big thing in the world, as it has been one of the top trends in the IT sector. Artificial intelligence’s rising popularity has many benefits for small and large businesses worldwide. Moreover, artificial intelligence is among the trending jobs in the technology sector with its applications to innovations like IoT, robotics, and many other opportunities.

The market for AI engineers is extremely competitive, making the average AI Engineer salary in USA $136,620. In this article, we will discuss the Average AI Engineer salary in the USA.

Key Facts about the Average AI Engineer Salary In USA

AI engineering has been one of the most emerging jobs in the IT sector. It offers you a lot of opportunities and can help you to earn well in your career. The key facts about the Average AI Engineer salary in USA are as follows:

  1. A report on LinkedIn suggested that the artificial intelligence specialist is considered to be one of the most emerging jobs among the top 15 jobs in 2024, with an 81% growth rate.
  2. On average, the salary of an artificial intelligence engineer in the USA is around 1,11,52,931 INR per year, which is generally considered to be the best opportunity to be an AI engineer.
  3. The average base salary for AI engineers in the USA can go up to ₹ 1,69,50,926 per year, depending on the skills and the task, so you can expect to earn more.
  4. The average compensation change for the AI engineer over the last 3 years has been Rs. 769586 in Indian rupees, which is considered to be an annual increase of 2.25%.
  5. The AI market will create almost 133 million jobs by the end of year 2025. This could encourage you to pursue a career in the field of AI.
  6. More than 40% of organizations worldwide are adding more jobs to their job requirements due to artificial intelligence.

All these facts and figures are just for your information to tell how AI based on the market offers engineers a creative career in the United States.

Average AI Engineer Salary In USA In 2024 Based on Location

The United States has many metropolitan cities, which are hubs for new technology, and even new and innovative startups and companies start their businesses in the metropolitan cities. This is one of the main reasons why there is a high demand for engineers in many cities in the USA. The average salary that you can expect for that difference between cities in the USA is given below in the table:

City Annual Salary (INR)
Oakland, CA ₹1,26,26,306
Norwalk, CT ₹1,23,16,049
Wasilla, AK ₹1,25,74,361
Tanaina, AK ₹1,25,74,527
Vallejo, CA ₹1,22,73,677
Hayward, CA ₹1,23,61,834
San Jose, CA ₹1,27,71,570
Seattle, WA ₹1,22,76,674
Jackson, WY ₹1,23,48,598
Concord, CA ₹1,22,47,704
San Francisco, CA ₹1,13,91,431.67
Chicago, IL ₹85,98,947.94
New York, NY ₹1,02,97,617.23
Los Angeles, CA ₹94,59,126.18
Boston, MA ₹88,68,709.16 
Houston, TX ₹87,78,686.52 
Washington, DC ₹87,91,301.58


Note: The given Average AI Engineer salary in the USA is an approximate figure and is subject to change. However, your salary will always be based on factors such as the company you work for, its location, and the type of business it is. The income number provided is based on the per annum salary and is meant to give you a general idea.

Top Companies For AI Engineers In USA

One of the important things that you will consider is the company that offers you career opportunities in the field of AI engineering. Here is the list of some of the top technology companies along with the salaries that they offer to AI engineers in the USA so that you can do work for anyone:

Company Annual Salary (INR)
Apple ₹1,89,65,391
Amazon ₹1,49,83,744
Google ₹1,84,66,748
Intel ₹1,13,34,581
Facebook ₹1,02,42,979
eBay ₹3,25,27,214

Average AI Engineer Salary in the USA: Based on Years of Experience

Artificial intelligence salary in the USA is always dependent on years of experience, skills, profile, and many other factors. Therefore, if you are a newbie in the field of AI engineering, you can expect to earn a little less as compared to mid-level and senior-level engineers.

The table given below shows the average annual salary that you can expect based on the year of experience you have:

Level of experience Average Annual Salary in INR

Conversion rate: 83.41 INR = 1 dollar

Entry- level 95,73,267
Mid-level 1,22,09,162
Senior-level 1,70,65,389


Years of Experience Average Annual Salary (USD)
2 to 4 years (AI Engineer or Senior AI Engineer) $106,894
5 to 7 years (Lead AI Engineer) $128,396
8+ years (Principal Machine Learning Engineer) $145,503
8+ years (Vice President of Machine Learning) $172,715

Scope of working as an AI engineer in the USA

In an industry-level study, the majority of industries include AI-driven technologies which help to perform well, and techniques that help to increase efficiency without raising costs. The top industries seeking AI engineers are healthcare, technology, finance, gaming, retail, national security, etc. In addition to the AI engineer job profile, all other artificial intelligence-related careers are regarded as future-proof because, given the strong support that technologies like artificial intelligence are receiving for the transformation of the global economy, these skill sets will be required to survive future global competition.

This suggests that regardless of experience level or career start, engineers with knowledge and experience in AI are offered a daily upward trend in career progression. Continue learning and putting your knowledge to work in the real world if you want to improve and investigate other employment options in artificial intelligence and other technologies.

Tips For Earning More As An AI Engineer

If you are an AI engineer who has been working for a few years and is looking to boost your earnings, then here are the tips that could help you earn more:

  • Get A Master’s Degree

Although it is by no means required to obtain a master’s degree in order to work as an AI engineer or advance to one, about 17% of AI engineers and specialists do. In contrast, 63% of people hold a bachelor’s degree. Having a master’s degree will provide you with the credibility and knowledge to support your professional experience and help you bargain for a higher income.

  • Level Up Your Technical Skills

There’s always more to learn about artificial intelligence and machine learning. You can increase your income by learning more algorithms and modelling techniques, as well as by staying current with technical abilities, particularly those related to updated tools and systems. Focusing on a specific industry might also increase your pay.

  • Negotiation

Not negotiating, or not negotiating their entire earning potential, is one of the most frequent blunders made by job seekers. When making a job offer, 70% of managers, according to Forbes, anticipate negotiation; nevertheless, they do not indicate that the offer is flexible [8]. Should you decide against negotiating, that pay difference may widen over time and prevent you from making as much money as you could.


AI is a rapidly growing trend in the IT sector, offering numerous opportunities for businesses worldwide. The average salary for AI engineers in USA is $136,620, with a base salary of ₹ 1,69,50,926. Additionally, The AI market is expected to create 133 million jobs by 2025, with top companies like Apple, Amazon, Google, Intel, Facebook, and eBay offering AI engineers. AI-related careers are future-proof, with daily upward career progression. If you still face any problems with getting the best job as an AI engineer, seek holistic guidance from Admissify! Our seasoned academic and career counsellors have years’ worth of valuable experience and can guide you to your dream future in AI. 


How much does the salary of an AI engineer earn?

The average salary for AI engineers is around $1,51233 per year in the United States; additionally, you can expect an additional cash compensation of $35,000.

Is AI engineering in demand in the USA?

It has been projected that there will be more than 2 million unfilled AI jobs in the year 2024. and the demand for AI research scientists is expected to grow by 19% and for robotics engineering, it is expected to grow by 9%.

Are careers in AI high-paid?

AI jobs are generally high-paying, especially at top companies like Netflix, Facebook, and Google.

Which country pays the highest salary for AI?

The United States offers the highest-paying AI jobs to AI engineers, especially in technical fields in Silicon Valley, where the salaries for engineers are based on factors such as location, experience, and industry.